Another day of sunshine


As I sat writing last night, I could see the moon through the large roof light in the van. It was virtually full. The same moon was apparent this morning but heading precipitously towards the western horizon. As we crossed the beach heading towards the Promontory, our path was lit by the moon. Soon after, the moon snuggled into a blanket of cloud only to show its face just before setting.

The walk as fine: Boris chased his ball, I ran 3km and we returned without incident. Once I’d fed them, I set off for Paleochora to the supermarket. There was not really anything I needed but it’s a good way to expend 675 KJ. As a token, I bought some potatoes, carrots, garlic and peppers. Recently, the garlic looked more like it should be planted than eaten. All for only 2.60€. Real potatoes and carrots with earth on them. Scary!

I decided that Windows 10 was not really going to do the job for the Inter Sport server so I downloaded Server 2016 from the Microsoft website and managed to install it with only a little help at the end. Server 2016 has everything I need and it works seamlessly with the new Lewes server.

(exit to see why Georgia’s dogs are barking the camping down) Probably just noisy Albanians. They know only how to shout some of them.

Πέντε was making a racket this afternoon so I emerged to find a lone Albanian sitting on the patio area near the BBQ. I started speaking to him in Greek but it soon transpired his English, and surprisingly Albanian, are a lot better than his Greek. He told me he needed somewhere to stay and did I remember him from last year. I assured him that, naturally, I did. I take careful note of all camping customers especially Albanians.

I phoned Maria, who phoned Georgia. I could have phoned Georgia myself but it was nice to speak to Maria and avoid the indecisiveness of speaking to Georgia. I ring her up and she asks me what she should do. I suppose I should just cut out the middle-man and give him a room. She decided she would like to grant him an audience before making a decision as to his suitability to reside at Grammeno Camping. We have such a strict code of conduct here. I suggested he might return the following day but not too early as Georgia does not do early. He didn’t have anywhere to stay so I suggested I’d turn a blind eye and he could camp down with one of his mates. What the eye don’t see…

Like many young Albanians, he is working in the greenhouses for little money doing a horrid job. He told me he has HGV but there are too many people after too little work. Even here where things are infinitely better than the mainland.

Xanthippos arrived to say that Georgia’s dogs had been walked so I took Boris for a Boris-and-me walk. His hind legs are not obeying his commands although he is game enough himself. This is not the first time this has happened as it seems to come and go. Perhaps he’s just going through a rough patch? We saw and met a couple of women out walking their dogs. The only flaw was they had lost them. I suggested I might hold off coming with my lot as it could easily turn into a circus.

After the Boris walk, I waited a while before taking the others. The sun was heading towards the horizon and some people had come to walk their dogs and take pictures of the sunset. Our walk was consequently delayed and Princess remained firmly on the lead.

Πέντε arrived just as I was putting Pea to bed and joined us in the compound. Not exactly the best time to be calling as tempers are high at feeding time. She was out in the camping last night as she went in and out of the van. Finally, I showed her the gate and that was that for the night. This evening she is lying invisibly on her bed. Message received perhaps.

Fido has become very vocal of late so has to wear an E-collar at night. I have put him on Dave’s old line so that he can go in and out. Fido likes to wee a lot. The collar reminds him that barking at the Albanians is not an option. He is the model dog!

I have lentils (fakes) φακεσ cooking. Beans last night and lentils tonight with maybe some more selino. Selino is very good value as it’s cheap and goes a very long way! It is much better after its cooked in the pan rather than steaming. Much less tough.



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