Rubber legs

The mild weather continues although the wind is getting up as I write. Wind is forecast for tomorrow and possibly Sunday. It is not cold and, last night, I was in shorts all night. I must admit to a little heating though.

This morning, like the remainder of the day, was cloudy so moonless and starless. The walk and my run went without incident and then I went off to Paleochora for the sake of it more than anything. I did buy some leeks and mouthwash. I felt the mouthwash might add character to this evening’s culinary endeavour.

It started out as potatoes and carrots, then some other stuff got added in. This included leeks and onions and a few lentils to soak up some of the water. I didn’t want to throw the liquid away so thought the lentils might do the job. I forgot to mention the remainder of the selino which started off life earlier in the week. The lunch out yesterday rather distracted my menu plans so now I have a bit of a backlog of food so could feed a small army.

The sun eventually struggled forth which was a welcome addition. I put the hot water on for the Albanians as I knew there would definitely not be enough as it was. The result of Georgia’s meeting was that the Albanians agreed to clean the kitchens and the toilets themselves as they were not up for shelling-out 30€ per month each for a cleaner. Their cleaning activities always involve lots of water and a continually running hosepipe. I have not been brave enough to inspect the toilets as I use the ladies for my shower.

I amused myself today with a little IT work and trying to fathom out how to add a new firewall to the camping network. The idea is to control who does what so that the available bandwidth is distributed reasonably evenly. The customers can now connect without needing a password, which is a real bonus and they only have access to the Internet as you don’t want them to be fishing around on your internal network poking their noses into your business. It will be possible to limit the customers so that they cannot perform certain activities. Browsing the Internet is one thing but streaming an HD film is another. You can’t have many people doing that and there’s nothing for anyone else. I think I have got the measure of it now but I ran out of time today.

Xanthippos came for his little chat and told me that Georgia’s dogs had managed to get ahold of the food bag, eating a large amount. He found it all over the place when he came to feed them. Like a good robot, he phoned Georgia who instructed him not to feed them today. I’m not sure he fed Πέντε but she has other sources of food anyway. Strange how she seems to arrive at tea time…

I took Boris out for his walk as he is unable to keep up with the others on the evening walk. I end up with them straining ahead and him struggling behind. The problem seems to be his rear legs which have turned to rubber. He doesn’t seem to mind too much just that progress can be slow and unpredictable. A trip to the vet may be called for if he does not improve.

My vegs are cooking so it looks like a giant vegetable hotpot this evening.


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