Easterly wind tonight

Last night I didn’t turn on the heating! I was in bed before 22:00 although I spent a little time with my laptop on the Internet. My slumbers were ended with Fido making squeaking noises at 05:00. I’d had enough sleep by then so went back to my laptop before getting up at 05:55.

There was moon but few stars and it was mild. Not as mild as yesterday morning when I completed my final two circuits of the run with no shirt on. Whatever next!

I went to Paleochora and bought a nylon ladle to protect my nice, new pan from being destroyed by my metal one. I was back just after nine so decided to go to the office to finish off the installation on the new gateway/router which forms part of the new wireless network. This is the bit of kit which filters the Internet preventing people from access the network from outside. It also enables me to throttle the internal users so the available bandwidth is shared reasonably.

I got it working although it could have been easier to configure. I now have loads of useful statistics and can see who is doing what. Big Brother is definitely watching! It will be most amusing in the summer when the camping is full. I can already see that the Albanians down on the bar Access Point are streaming media. Ha!

I walked Boris this afternoon and then came straight back to walk the others. The camping seems very quiet and the Albanians appear to have retired to their various abodes.

To provide some bedtime reading here is an interesting link which Ursula found in the Guardian. It makes exciting reading especially as Britain comes top in something!


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