Last night I watched ‘In the Heat of the Night’ starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. I’d even forgotten who dunnit but that’s not really what the story’s about anyway. It’s hard to think that it was released over fifty years ago!

A strong easterly gust of wind woke me up in the night so I decided I’d get out of bed to zip up the outer tent. It’s still very mild so this was not as terrible as it sounds. The wind was buffeting the van but I quickly went back to sleep.

By getting-up time it was still strong. I’d decided to try walking across the field in the morning as I’m fed up with dogs that poo on the beach as we go across. The sheep didn’t seem to mind and the dogs were too busy looking for interesting smells to notice the sheep. The field is more exposed than the beach in many ways, so the full force of the wind was felt.

I ran but knew I would not be cycling so came out again with Oskar and Charlie. They are a right pair together and have a great time. I threw the ball for them and Oskar seemed to be always the one in charge. He’s not totally got the hang of the ball-throwing business as he periodically abandons the ball in unlikely places.

My tasks for today were to tinker a bit with the new firewall/gateway and sort out my weather websites. is now almost working as it should but  still seems to have a few problems. I’ll work on it.

Πέντε was barking in the camping so I went out to investigate. A German couple in a Mercedes van had arrived and wanted to stay overnight. Their aim was to empty their loo and use the showers more than anything. I settled them in and went back to my websites.

Boris was walked on his own once Xanthippos was done walking Georgia’s dogs. The others were next after a bit of a wait. There was a guy fishing and I hoped he might disappear so that all the dogs could be let free however this was not the case.

It was nearly dark when we got back unlike last night when it was still light when I went in the van!

I’d better shout at Fido and Luis who appear to be engaging in a singing contest.

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