…and they’re staying two more days…

I left Boris behind this morning as he seemed to be struggling a lot yesterday. He protested a little but not with any conviction. I took him out once the others were fed after their walk. Oskar and Charlie accompanied Boris as outriders and only stole his ball once.

After my second walk, I rode to Paleochora to get some fruit for breakfast. Monday is a good day for the supermarket as there is a delivery of fresh produce. The shelves of the vegetable section were all stocked up and I noticed there were some loose beetroot so grabbed some. They are cooking gently on the stove as I write.

The customers didn’t look as though they were in any rush to depart and they told me they’d decided to stay on two more nights as the camping is so lovely. They wanted the washing machine so I dealt with that before preparing and eating my breakfast. By this time the wash was finished so I went back to empty the machine. I was waylaid by Xanthippos who needed to show me how well he’d done replacing the palm leaves on the highest cover over the pitch for tall motorhomes. He then regaled me with stories of how much concrete had been used to put in the uprights. It was a tale of sex and violence. Fortunately, the postman arrived on his motorbike and handed me a package I had to sign for. I made my escape to the office where I sorted out the money from the customers and filled in their customer form.

From then on it was all go with several IT tasks simultaneously. Mr Lawrence had bought himself a new iPhone X (Ten 10) so needed his old one backing up and wiping before passing it on to his wife. Inter Sport decided that Monday morning would be a good time for me to set up Till_06 and Sue in accounts was having problems with her connection. Then Kirsten from EG had a series of questions about her set up.

That lot kept me going until 15:00 when I went for a shower and encouraged the German couple to do likewise before all the water ran out. I turned on the hot water heater as, with two extras and seven Albanians, there would not be enough water heated by the sun.

Marina, Tina’s mother, arrived to tell me the electricity was out in her room again and to ask if I needed more tomatoes. I’m still eating the last lot! I thanked her all the same and said some more might be nice in a few days.

Xanthippos told me he’d walked the other dogs so I took Boris for his afternoon constitutional in the sun.

The temperature today was 35C under the awning and 22.3C outside with a low of 10C this morning. It is starting to become a little windy as I write this.

My beets are ready and two are cooling off in a bowl of water. Time to get some grub and fall into a heap with a glass of red.



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