Sunny and warm again!

I woke early so we were out early and the day took on a hint of earliness. After the morning walk, I cycled to Paleochora more for the joy of it returning to find Xanthippos hard at work repairing the shading next to my compound. His rantings lead me to believe that he was unhappy with the way the previous person had dealt with the leaves.

These are sandwiched between two layers or reinforcing grid which are fastened together with wire to stop the leaves from escaping. The previous person had improvised with lengths of wood which was strictly against Xanthippos’ strict protocol for leaf or frond retention. I could hear him moaning a groaning long after I’d descended the ladder. He insisted I come to see quite such an appalling job the previous person had made.

Plenty of IT excitement again today with Mr Lawrence’s new iPhone X (10) to finish off from yesterday. The next task, once he’s sure he has everything from it, is to wipe the old iPhone 6 so he can pass it down to his wife. She will then require me to install it for her. Such joy!

Inter Sport were the next customers with Sue in accounts being locked out and the network misbehaving. A cable to the router sorted that out however I have yet to install some software for her and sort out the VOIP phone which is refusing incoming calls due to the router setup. She is very happy about the fact it does not receive calls as this gives her a very peaceful life allowing her to get on with her work.

The weather was warm and sunny although less so than yesterday. There was certainly plenty of water in the shower when I went there around 15:00. The sun also attracted the Albanians as they were roaming around in force.

Boris seemed quite active today and enjoyed both of his separate walks. Charlie and Oskar chaperoned him in the morning but he was alone in the afternoon. He was flagging a bit on the final leg across the beach to the camping gates.

The evening walk was early too so they were all fed and tucked up in bed before it was dark. Another bonus!

I think it’s going to be cold food again this evening so I can reduce the tomato and cucumber mountain before the next ones arrive.



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