Very windy!

Woken at 04:00 as there was thunder so decided to move Boris into the storeroom just in case.

Got back to bed to hear another dog scratching to get out. Let Princess out so she could do what a dog has to do.

The rain came accompanied by some thunder and lightning so not so much sleeping.

Lounged in bed until 06:15 – such decadence!

Walked main crowd and then Boris with his two henchmen. The sky looked very threatening but only a few drops fell.

I managed to get to Paleochora getting only a little damp. I didn’t actually need anything but sheltered in the supermarket so bought some very attractive spinach, large green olives, nuts and toursi (pickled veg).

Following wind to the camping so easy peasy!

Breakfast and lots of support work for most of the day.

One lot of Germans left but their place was taken by a couple in a lovely, huge motorhome. They need very little from the camping so I felt a little shy taking 16.50€ for parking, water and emptying their toilet.

The evening walk included Boris as I closed all my rings before going out! He managed to keep up so not a problem.

It is very windy so lots of flapping tent outside. The Sail Shade is definitely helping as the wind is from the east but it is only really the west end of the awning tent flapping about.

I need to talk to Antonis about the replacement roof as I can see the rips in the awning getting larger. The flapping of the awning is also extremely annoying. Global Warming? Nonsense!

The forecast says the wind will subside and tomorrow will be calmer

Sloppy rice and spinach for tea!


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