Meds for Boris

Boris has been suffering from the rubbery leg syndrome but seems to be improving. I’m not sure if it is because I have transferred him to the remains of the Dave special diet food, the phase of the moon or what. It could also be that he has been going on more tranquil walks on his own. In any event, I have got some special food coming which is for older dogs with mobility problems. I also bought some premium food which he can move on to once the special diet is finished. We can then see if this is a transient problem or not. The special food for Boris is about the same price as the special food for Dave. Still, we can’t have him lurching about like a drunken matelot on a twenty-four-hour pass! He managed to keep up with this others as I took them all out together. His spirit is still definitely willing even if his legs are a bit rubbery.

There have been no particular highlights today. It has been cloudy and it is cooler but there was some sunshine too. Not enough to heat the water so I had to turn on the electric heaters. Keep the Albanians happy at least!

I have been doing IT things again as well as fiddling around setting up a clever controller program on my Raspberry Pi (pronounced pea not pie). At present, the controller runs on my laptop so only collects data when the laptop is switched on. Not so handy when it’s switched off. The RP is very inexpensive to run as it uses about 5w so it can be left on indefinitely. I  would need to get it more storage after a while I suspect.

My part-time lodger seems to be part of the furniture now as the other dogs take little notice of her. She wandered in at feeding-time this evening accompanied by only a little yapping from Luis. The atmosphere is usually fairly highly charged at that moment. She stood on the decking and munched her food in full gaze of the others. She’s more of a picker than a guzzler, preferring to take little morsels as the mood takes her. Obi often finishes off anything left behind in the morning. I let her have it in the van for that reason.

Fido appears to be adapting to being on a line at night. He likes to drink quite a bit so needs a wee in the night. I have been leaving the door to the cage open so he can wander out when the mood takes him. He even resists the temptation to bark at the Albanians.

Xanthippos appeared to tell me that he was not well so would not be taking Georgia’s dogs out for a walk. He fed them and left soon after.

The German couple with the large motorhome said they will stay for another couple of days which is a real bonus for Georgia as they are taking almost nothing in exchange for their 16.5€. Speaking with them this morning I learned they’d had the van for around three years. They are pretty much self-contained as it is very high specification. I was surprised to discover that it has only a 2.2-litre turbo-diesel however he says it’s a bit of a dog on the hills. The thing weighs 5.5 tonnes so it’s hardly surprising!

At Petrakis this morning, Yannis gave me a new recipe for spinach as he is also a fan of leafy greens. He was also telling me about the new road project but warned me not to hold my breath waiting for it to be finished. We suspect any work will not begin until the autumn so as not to spoil this summer season at least.

So there you have it…or not, as the case maybe. The last of the tomatoes tonight!


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