A good day I think

We were lucky to get the morning walk done, Boris +2 and my trip to Paleochora out of the way before the rain came. It was not strong rain but persistent in nature. The dogs retired to the comfort of their houses apart from Princess and Pea who decided to remain outside for whatever reason. Despite the fact that two of the houses were unoccupied.

My trip to Paleochora was successful and quite undemanding. The guys were outside the supermarket trying to change the wheels on a trolley. Yannis told me that the trollies cost around 80€ apiece. The sand and salt from the sea destroy the bearings in the casters so, unlike the Essex Girl, the trolley has a mind of its own. Together with my apples and grapefruit, I bought a bottle of red wine.

I’m happy because I managed to get the WiFi controller software to run on my Raspberry Pi and all the devices and their data to appear. Hopefully, the Pi will manage to run the controller 24/7 so that I have a full picture as to what is happening with the WiFi. It’s unimportant now as there are few people on the camping but once things warm up it will be important to control data use. Hopefully, Georgia will soon sign-up for faster broadband and we can crawl from the Stone Age into the Dark Ages as far as Internet access is concerned.

The rain stopped around 14:00 long enough for Xanthippos to walk Georgia’s dogs. We’d already had a rundown of his ailments which I think come from riding his motorcycle insufficiently clad. I have the same problem if I ride my bike without a scarf.

The natives (Albanians) are restless this evening so Georgia’s dogs are barking. Only Luis was making a noise but even he has now gone quiet.

It is cooler this evening and was downright chilly this afternoon. The evening walk was dry but not underfoot. All dogs behaved nicely and Boris enjoyed lots of ball-throwing despite the interference of Oskar who kept swiping his ball. Charlie, another culprit, managed to keep out of it.

The German couple in the palatial motorhome paid up the 50€ for their three nights today and will depart tomorrow. They tell me they will be making their way slowly back to Germany following the Albanian coast, through Austria, before arriving at their home in southern Germany.

Today’s high was 15.2C with a low of 10.3C. Tomorrow promises to be a little warmer yet wetter and windier! I can’t wait!


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