Soggy, cold and windy – but then the sun came out!

Just to prove that Crete can look cold, soggy and miserable

The day started off ok but quickly deteriorated, however, Boris and his Henchmen got their walk before the rain began.

With wind gusting to Bft 6 and rain, a cycle to Paleochora was not on my list of favourite activities. I amused myself clearing up from the night before and making breakfast whilst listening to an interesting debate on my headphones.

My weekly phone call followed as I watched the rain fall outside the awning.

The weather brightened as the afternoon progressed so we took a longer, earlier walk to make up for the day of being cooped up inside for most of the time. Boris was energetically playing with his ball whilst the others amused themselves in various ways.

Dave had a narrow escape due to the local children playing with their 4x4s on the beach and Promontory. Fortunately, the strategically placed rocks deterred said vehicle from transgressing into Dave’s space.

Πέντε was quick to appear this evening having spent the afternoon hanging around outside the central kitchen in the hope of some Albanian cuisine. Several pots were merrily boiling away as I walked past to get my shower. Any vestige of nutritional benefit was sure to be removed from their meagre ingredients.

Boris had his first meal of the special food to improve his rear quarters. Hopefully, he will soon be rushing around as before. The vet said to give it to him for one month. Antonis kindly picked the bags up from the bus station and dropped them off as he was coming past.

My rehash of the remains of yesterday’s rehash of something from a few weeks back is probably ready so I need to get it before it deteriorates beyond recognition.


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