A little pruning

I awoke to the sound of rain pattering on the roof above my head. It was 05:25. The desire to extract myself from my pit evaporated so I slumped back under the duvet. Not a lot of activity from Obi or Πέντε either for that matter and not a sound from outside.

I lay in bed until 06:15 to give any rain a chance to perform its duty. It was still very wet especially the decking.

We wandered across the field in the increasing daylight, the wind buffeting us and the sea roaring in the distance. The lagoon, which yesterday we played in, was now as full as I’ve ever seen it. The waves had been breaking the entire length of the rocks as we discovered when we walked along. Completing the circuit along the rocks was out of the question as the sea, pushed by the southerly wind, was breaking fiercely over the crossing place. We would have got very wet, or worse, dragged into the sea.

I ran, they ran and it was quite mild apart from the wind that is. Back for some food and then I took Boris, Oskar and Charlie. By this time it was slightly less windy and there was even the hint of some sun! Boris played with his ball and Oskar stole it from him. It was really rather nice by the time we got back.

I decided to prune the southern carob trees as they were growing tall and straggly blocking out the light particularly for Boris. His enclosure is ideal during hot weather as it is well shaded by the carobs and the olives. In winter he gets little warmth due to the angle on the sun. The SDC also quickly disappears into gloom quite early in the day.

I took the ladder and my cutters and climbed into the trees and onto the fence. I gave the carobs a good pruning then picked up the evidence before Xanthippos arrived. I felt pretty safe as he usually appears quite late on a Sunday. The evidence was tossed over the fence and then chucked into the field next door. What the eye don’t see…

The remainder of the morning was taken up with eating and snoozing in the sun. There was also an IT element in there too as the new computers for Haywards-Heath needed to be shut down as hopefully, BT will get the Internet up and running there tomorrow.

I wandered to the office to change over the plugs for the router and gateway turning on the water heater at the same time. The sun was a bit intermittent and not that strong so I felt the water needed a little help to heat up.

Boris and I went for a stroll in the afternoon sun. It’s a little early to tell whether the new diet is helping his wobbly legs however he is a lot better than a week ago.

Straight out again with the rest of the mob whilst the sun was still shining. The sea was still interesting but not as rough as it had been in the morning.

All-in-all, quite a lazy Sunday


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