Tomatoed out!

Boris waiting for me to throw his ball


Watching an exciting episode of Silent Witness last night, my viewing pleasure was interrupted by the sound of barking dogs and a plaintive voice calling my name from outside the gate. Marina, Dina’s mother (AKA Tina the cleaner) was without power again. I grabbed my keys and wandered with her up towards her room and the office. Her fuses are in the mini-market which means I have to get into the office first for the key. This fuse has tripped so many times, I can reset it without even the need for a light.

Marina was suitably apologetic having dragged me out mid-Sunday evening. Having reset the fuse and locked everything up, I returned to see that everything was ok. She was holding a huge bag of tomatoes many of which were the small, very sweet and tasty kind. Apparently, it is her TV which causes the fuse to trip so she says she’s going to get hold of a replacement.

Now I am tomatoed out for a while at least.

Th days started fine with the final part of the moon and plenty of stars. It was a little late to be gazing at the stars as the rays of the sun were already bouncing off the atmosphere. We walked and ran and went along the rocks. Boris was not with us as he will still asleep in his bed when we left.

Boris, Oskar and Charlie had a good walk and things started to look up. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. At one point it was 32C under the awning! My trip to Paleochora was fairly speedy as there was little wind in either direction. I stocked up with dried fruits as well as a cucumber, broccoli and some carrots. I will be eating raw food for a few days now that I have a fresh stock of tomatoes.

The small tomatoes are very nice and difficult to resist. The larger tomatoes are very ripe and may need to be used for cooking in a few day.s

I was quite busy this afternoon. Setting up the new server and computers at the Haywards-Heath shop. As well as that the NAS at LBS decided to go offline which is not such a good situation as Simon is off in Edinburgh with Jean for an anniversary break. More of that tomorrow.

Xanthippos has been busy restoring the leaves to the shading next to the compound providing plenty of amusement to the dogs. He winds them up by barking back! He took me to see his handiwork when he brought all the post to me.

The dogs have been quite annoying today. Especially Luis and sometimes Fido. We are going to need to have a conversation…

The fine, sunny day degenerated to a soggy, cold day with 2.8mm rain. More rain is forecast for the next few days.

I took the precaution of painting around the large roof light yesterday as there has been an annoying leak.

I’d better eat some of those tomatoes…



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