No loafing today!

I spotted a little white rental car together with a small tent as I came back with the dogs this morning. The customers arrived at 22:00 last night and fortunately, they ignored the notice on the reception door which has my telephone number and annoyed Georgia instead! I would not have been amused at 22:00 as I was tucked up with teddy by then.

They are from northern Germany although the guy’s father is English and he spent a lot of time in England when younger. He speaks excellent English. They have over a week of their holiday left and we had a good chat this morning.

I’ve been quite busy today sorting out a problem at LBS. One of their data devices decided to die so they had no access to their documents or database. Simon and Jean are away in Edinburgh so Caroline is holding the fort with Steven who also shares the office. The storage device was inaccessible but fortunately, there was a spare and I was able to set that up and restore their data from last Friday’s backup. Only a little information was lost.

I’m also trying to sort things out in Inter Sport’s new H-Heath store now that they have an Internet connection. The equipment was set up in Lewes which is a completely different network so needs reconfiguring. This takes quite a lot of work.

There were a couple of showers in the night and it was also quite cold with a low of 8C. It was sunny this morning but got cloudier as the day progressed. We managed to get all of our walks in and I was able to cycle to Paleochora so have completed my exercise quota for today.

The electric immersion heater on the solar tank on the main bathroom failed today causing some unhappiness to the Albanians as they had water heated only by the sun. I got my shower in much earlier which was a bit of a bonus!

Georgia is arranging for someone to come to fix it tomorrow morning. The next couple of days could be quite cloudy and wet too.

The German couple went swimming in the sea (!) so were not too upset about the lack of hot water. The rooms in the reception building are unaffected as now there is a separate water heater there. It only took me two years to get that sorted out!

I received an email from Nikos who came to the camping in the summer of 2014. He was with a group of friends and we enjoyed some lively policial and economic discussions. From then on we exchanged emails and sent each other links to interesting articles. It was very interesting for me to have a genuine Greek opinion from someone educated and living in Athens.

His friend Panos is writing an article for a scientific magazine which will be published in English. He is going to send me the document to proofread and polish the English. That might be an interesting challenge! Reminds me of the times I was translating screeds to technical documents from French to English for Agence France Presse. Still, this one is only 20 pages and contains lots of tables and graphs.

Georgia has threatened to update the camping website so I will be writing the English section, hopefully from the ground up! No more Gringlish!


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