Up and down like a…

It was a sudden strong wind that woke me with the flapping of the awning tent. I guessed something was on the way. I got up to close the door of the awning tent.

No one mentioned anything about thunder and lightning in the weather forecast. I heard an alert on my iPad warning of an approaching storm followed soon after by the sound of rain on the roof and a flash of lightning. The rain was initially quite light but intensified. Then there was thunder and the sound of Boris barking from within his house. More thunder required him to leave his house to stand in the rain barking. At this point, I got out of bed, put on a coat and took Boris into the storeroom where he has a bed and a rope with which to tie him to a heavy object. Not that it matters now as Dave is no longer there and he has Fido to reckon with. Naturally, no sooner had I moved Boris in, the thunder stopped.

More rain followed and then Πέντε decided she needed to go out. So out of bed once more to let her out. She was back fairly quickly so needed to be let in. Out of bed once more and for the last time until morning.

I didn’t get up until 06:15 as I fell back to sleep after the alarm.

I didn’t go to Paleochora today as I needed nothing but went instead to Krios beach. It’s about the same distance but the other way. There was a brief shower so I stood under a tree. Then I decided to walk the first part of the E4 towards Elafonissi. I’d been on that part before with Dave and Boris when we first came in 2013, We walked the coastal route from Grammeno, already 5km, and then went up into the mountains before returning via the same route. It turned out to be a very tiring day.

The day was sunny and bright but I spent most of it working on Inter Sport’s Haywards-Heath network. There were some interruptions from Xanthippos as could be expected as he was working on the shading adjacent to the compound. Naturally, the dogs were quite excited by the madman cavorting around atop the metal framework replacing the leaves. Not helped by his incessant whistling and loud telephone calls.

In the afternoon, a man came to change the element in the solar heater tank. This required the tank to be drained so the replacement element could be installed. Xanthippos was in his element as, at last, there was another opportunity to be important. The only detriment to his importance is that he has to see me for the keys whenever he needs to do anything. But strangely, he is trusted with sharp objects. It’s a bit like having a puppy!

We now have hot water in the main bathrooms.

The remainder of the day was pretty standard and now everyone is safely tucked up in bed with teddy.

My carrots and courgettes are ready and I need to perform surgery on a huge tomato.



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