Eventually, ones luck runs out…

It rained in the night and the forecast promised rain for most of the day. It was cloudy but not raining when we ventured out. I wanted to do the walk and my run before the rain. Half-way through my run I decided it was too damp to continue so we sheltered in the lee of some rocks. The wind changed direction and the intensity of the rain increased. I decided to move to the nearby cave.

We watched the rain fall and listened to the sea crashing for about twenty minutes and then I decided to make a run for it. The upshot was I ended up under the awning with seven wet dogs. Obi quickly went inside as he’d managed to stay dry so there were only six.

I made some tea and put on dry clothes. I dried the dogs and they snuggled up together on the blankets and dog bed under the awning. Eventually, the rain stopped so we went outside for some food.

Boris has not walked so I grabbed Oskar, Charlie and Obe and went to see Boris who was in the storeroom. He was not interested in a walk so we went as we were. It was a nice, dry walk and we even managed to complete the rock circuit without getting soaked by the incoming waves.

Back at the compound, I got on with some work as today was again quite busy. There were various showers but the day brightened up so I took Boris, Obi and Fido out for a mainly Boris walk. We met a German couple with an interesting vehicle who walked round with us. The sky darkened and the next batch of rain beckoned. Sure enough, down it came but we were back so it didn’t matter.

I wanted to take the dogs, as my circles were incomplete but the rain continued to fall. I wandered down to the beach to see how the customers were coping with the adverse weather. They were imbibing local beer and asked me to join them. We chatted, and I proposed I put on the water heater so they could enjoy a nice hot shower. It was only raining a bit so I suggested they join me for a pleasant dog walk in the rain and darkness. Being as foolhardy as me, they volunteered to come along. I marshalled the dogs and off we went. It was still raining but nothing like the morning. We had a good walk and even attempted the rock circuit. The crashing waves put me off so that was not to be.

Back at the camping, I fed the dogs and the customers got a shower. I turned off the water heater and rescued my dinner which had been on the hob on a very low light for far too long. A squishy tomato, as slurp of wine together with an onion. A little more heat and I’m sure it will be a masterpiece.

My circles are now complete so my unbroken streak continues despite adversity.

Obi is curled up beside me and Πέντε is very happy to be in here too.

It was only 13C in the van when I came in but the temperature is rising slowly. I’m glad I’m not sleeping in a tent by the beach!


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