The weather forecast was economical with the truth

The morning walk was dry as was my run and the Boris/Oskar/Charlie/Obi walk. My cycle into town was not! But I was only a little damp around the edges.

I bought spinach at Petrakis as it was green and fresh. I also bought some huge beetroot, however, the leaves were missing.

Back at Grammeno, it was clear for a while but we’ve endured heavy showers on-and-off all day. The present score is 4.5mm which might not sound a lot compared to yesterday’s 22mm but it certainly put a damper on the day so-to-speak.

The dogs spent most of the time inside and even Xanthippos didn’t work for very long.

Georgia arrived but departed for Paleochora soon after. She said she’d be at the reception at some point but I didn’t see the going of her.

Xanthippos reported to me after his dog walk to show how wet he was. He amused himself by winding-up the dogs.

It rained for most of the afternoon but I had a lovely hot shower which made up for it.

The German couple camping in their little tent got soaked today so sent a text to say they’d like a hot shower. I’ve just trekked across the camping to turn on the water for them.

There was no light in the kitchens so I assume the Albanians have either gone on a fast, eaten early or gone out for the evening.

There is still light rain on the roof of the van but the doggies are all tucked up in their houses. Πέντε is snoozing under my bed and Obi is next to me flat out.

I’m cooking spinach and rice from the Yannis Petrakis gourmet recipe. It’s doing its thing on the hob. Maybe I over-did the water, then maybe not. I can always put it through the sieve.


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