Popeye eat your heart out!

I made a delicious spinach and rice creation using Yannis’ recipe. I’d bought a lot of spinach: I guessed it would last for two meals so doubled the quantities. It’s amazing just how much a load of spinach disappears down to almost nothing when cooked. It was very nice but I suspect I may have left myself quite a lot for this evening. It is reheating in my large pan as I write

A strong wind woke me early in the morning with lots of tent flapping. The succession of alerts from my weather station arriving on my phone confirmed that the wind was increasing. I managed to get back to sleep to wake suddenly with the 05:50 alarm. Usually, I’m awake before the alarm.

It was virtually still when I took out all but Boris. We walked along the rocks without me getting my feet wet as I did yesterday. I’ve had too many wet feet so far this week. There were just a very few drops of rain and some extremely black clouds but fortunately, it all turned to nothing.

After the Boris/Obi etc walk, I rode into town having checked that the German couple were not in a rush to get off. Petrakis was not that busy so I was able to find what I needed and get back quite quickly. The wind was from the west at this point but has gone several times around the compass rose so far today.

We went to the office and they paid their five nights stay then we chatted for a little while. I wanted my breakfast and had a couple of things to do before my weekly phone call.

The black clouds dispersed to leave a lovely sunny day which got progressively windy. There was plenty of hot water so I went for a shower and spent the remainder of the afternoon doing nothing very useful.

I swept out the awning tent removing the best part of 100kg of sand resulting from the influx of soggy doggies the other morning. I also swept and mopped the van floor too as this was also mucky and sandy. You may have guessed that, like in a desert, sand is a recurring theme.

The wind got up again and I had a new alert telling me it was gusting to 60km/h. The top temperature was 18.2C but inside the awning, it was over 30C. Awning tents are definitely the way to go! The van is still fairly warm although I’m going to put on long trousers and may apply a little background heating in a few moments.

The heating is applied, my spinach and rice from yesterday has reheated so it’s time for a munch and perhaps another episode of The West Wing. Yes, I know how to live!

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