Princess gets an upgrade

As I had no need nor desire to cycle to Paleochora, I decided to go for a bike ride amongst the greenhouses. I headed out to Kountoura having put my washing in the machine. Boris, Charlie, Oskar and Obi had been out for the Boris walk and I could see I was going to struggle to close my rings without some other exercise.

My cycle amongst the greenhouses was uneventful and I discovered that Kountoura is a lot hillier than most of Grammeno and Paleochora!

Back at Grammeno, Xanthippos was carrying out a tour of inspection strutting about as if he owned the place. I was keen to reacquire my washing but less keen for him to see me do it. Fortunately, he disappeared soon after so I was able to start the second load and hang up the first.

I then decided to change the hay in Princes’ house as I knew it was getting a little damp. I dug it out and found that the house was leaking in one place where the dogs had decided to chew the wood on the outside. At this point, I decided to change the inadequate wooden house for the former Dave one as he has now taken up permanent residence on the Promontory. Dave didn’t need a door so I had to construct one from some of the mesh remaining from the Luis van gate defences.

The wooden house was moved into the storeroom and the other house into the compound. Princess is now in her own upmarket residence which is waterproof and much better insulated.

There was also a certain amount of tinkering about and tidying up of hay and rubbish. The wind had driven a fair amount of rubbish behind Dave’s former residence so I swept this up and put it in an empty food bag. The dog food is again stacked on top of the house however the house is much smaller. After a few days, I might shove Fido in there and upgrade Pea to the cage however he seems content to continue to be a cat.

The day was fairly warm and sunny however I heated some water electrically just in case. There were people on the beach to amuse Georgia’s dogs and there will be even more there tomorrow as it’s Clean Monday. People will be flying kites if there is sufficient wind.

Xanthippos said he went to the carnival in Paleochora last night but felt there were fewer people there than normal. He said the Albanians from Kountoura and Grammeno were there in force. Yannis had mentioned something about the carnival on Friday morning. I think he might have been something to do with its organisation.

Tonight’s repast is raw food except for the HUGE beetroot I cooked earlier.

The forecast for the week speaks of more rain. Great joy. At least Princess will be dry!


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