Not an altogether quiet night

Some fireworks from distant Paleochora didn’t last very long but made their presence felt. Georgia’s dogs were particularly vocal and some of mine felt they should join in. Very early on, Fido received the collar award and Charlie and Luis seemed to have fallen out over something. Usually, Luis moans a bit but Charlie is pretty quiet.

The morning alarm at 05:40 filled me with joy at the prospect of rain which Xanthippos had forecast for the day. The walk was dry and we had only a few spots of rain this evening. Princess decided to go off on one after some imaginary intruder. We’d already had enough racket from Georgia’s dogs in the night so didn’t need any more this morning. Princess is very good at disappearing so I think she and I will be spending some time together for the next few walks.

I walked Boris alone before departing for my bike ride. Petrakis was busy with plenty of customers buying lots of goodies for the day’s festivities. Many shops are open but public institutions are closed: post office, banks etc. Many people also work but some were out enjoying the sunny day flying kites on Grammeno Beach as is the custom on Clean Monday.

The flapping kites provided much entertainment for the dogs. I found Oskar quivering in a corner of the compound so let him go and hide inside the van. Luis was banished to Fido’s nighttime cage in the storeroom for excessive barking. Fido himself was quite a vocal contributor from time-to-time. He just tries to push his luck and ended up on wet end of the hose at least once this afternoon.

I was busy with printers in Haywards-Heath for a large chunk of the day. The printers were installed in Lewes and were all declared to be tested and working before being transported over to the new shop. For some strange reason, they were no longer working so needed to be reinstalled. There was a problem removing the previous installation which is why it all took so long. There were a couple of other jobs throughout the day to do with synchronising data between the three stores.

The people with their kites remained on the beach until it was getting dark so it was almost dark by the time we returned. It was quite a speedy walk. Princess remained firmly attached to me but Boris managed to just about keep up with the flow.

Tonight will hopefully be quieter than last but rain is expected just before midnight and is forecast to last all day tomorrow. If tomorrow’s forecast is as exact as today’s was yesterday, I have nothing to worry about. If it turns out to be accurate, it will be a pretty grotty day.



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