Remember Kieron?

A peaceful night once I’d given Fido a collar to keep him company. He derives joy at barking at Albanians and gunshots. Albanians are fair game but there can be quite a few gunshots so it gets a little tedious. I don’t think he is afraid of the gunshots just uses them as an excuse for a good bark.

It was 12C when I arose this morning just before 06:00. We did all the normal morning walking and running stuff except this morning I ran 4km rather than the usual 3km. A dash to Petrakis for some breakfast fruit and a chat with Yannis about beans. Apparently, they label the bagged beans with the weighing date. He showed me the main sack with expiry date end of 2019. My beans are fine.

He mentioned that he has recently started running in the morning for about 40 minutes and said how good it felt. He also cycles quite a lot too. How he finds the time considering how long he works at the family business.

The day was sunny and warm so the dogs have spent most of it snoozing and not barking. I was working all day so another reason for them to be quiet. The top temperature for today was 19.2C and it only got a little blustery as the afternoon went on. The shower water was boiling when I went for one at 14:30 so no need for additional heating. I’m sure the Albanians disagree.

I’m working with a guy who was a colleague of Kieron when he was at Snow and Rock after his time at Royal School Haslemere. Richard asked after Kieron so I decided to try to get back in touch with him via his 2014 contact number. We had a long chat via text and a good catch-up. It was good to be in contact again and he told me he came back to UK after three years in France to work in London where he is still now. He also told me he went vegan on the advice of his doctor and found it solved all of his current medical problems. He has relapsed a little since then but is still fairly strict about what he eats and drinks. Far from the Kieron I knew all those years ago.

I’m doing spinach and rice again this evening as the spinach looked so green and lush this morning. Leafy green veg is the way to go. A twist in the recipe this time with some tomato purée added. Watch this space!

More rain tomorrow and for the next few days but hopefully it will sort itself out for when Ursula and Tony arrive next week.


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