Just a little more rain…

I was on the point of getting up when…down came the rain. Previously, I’d gone out to remove Boris to the storeroom on account of the approaching thunderstorm. We seem to be blessed with frequent morning storms at present. I was, once again, back in bed when I discovered Πέντε had popped out to the loo, so had to get up again to let her in. Previously, any waiting dog would get wetter as time passed. Thanks to the dry area on the decking under the awning, this is no longer the case.

The morning walk was delayed, however, I managed to run over 4km in less than 40 minutes! Stand back in amazement. Second day in a row. Maybe I’m getting fitter?

Boris got his walk before I cycled to Petrakis to pick up some bananas. I can’t go two days without bananas as they are part of my breakfast. I shall be experimenting with hard peeled wheat soon but I suspect that will make me sneeze. It’s worth a try.

Following the weekly telecon, I fiddled about moving the controller for the camping network onto the wired LAN (Local Area Network). It’s been connected wirelessly until now but a small box with small aerial within a large metal box separated from the access point by frequently wet trees can become a bit slow.

Despite the intermittent sunshine, I, fortunately, decided to put on the electric heater for the showers. It was only pleasantly warm when I got in there following my fiddling about. We had a brief rain shower during the afternoon.

The evening walks are gradually getting later but we are still able to be back in time for them to be put to bed before dark. Nicer for all of us.

Some more rain has just fallen and I suspect there will be more during the next few days. Those who moan about there not being enough water for agriculture and irrigation will be moaning about the mud which is beginning to slide down the mountains. All those polytunnels full of nice, soft earth piled in a heat at the bottom of the slopes. Cameras out chaps!

The other half of the rice and spinach is heating up and almost ready.

More heavy rain!


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