All tucked up in bed before 6pm!

For a change, it wasn’t raining this morning and there were even a few stars. Not that they hung around for long.

We walked and I ran 4.2km again. Then I took Boris for a leisurely amble before going into Paleochora. Not to Petrakis as it’s Sunday but just for the exercise. I decided to visit the PAWS puppies which live in an open dogs’ village near the port. Ursula had mentioned they were pushing them on FaceBook but I didn’t realise just how many there are. There were two adults also in attendance, one the mother of some of the puppies. She looked tired and was glad of some attention. I always try to give the adult dogs attention since most people tend to gravitate towards the cute little puppies. The puppies were certainly cute and managed to untie my shoe laces in less than no time. I stroked and tickled as many tummies as I could but still they kept coming. There are some lovely little dogs there.

Leaving the puppies, I went for a ride around the port and walked to the outer breakwater where the marker light stands. I looked at the mountains and along the coast which gave a different perspective. Back to Grammeno for some breakfast and read the news. I seem to have been busy but can’t remember what I’ve actually achieved. Mostly clearing up and pottering about although I did spring up onto the van roof to dab a bit of paint around the skylight as some water came in the other night. Rain is forecast for this evening and tomorrow. Yippee!

I peeled some onions and garlic as I have some Lima beans for this evening. A change after two nights of spinach. Apparently, onions are very good for one. Good job really as I seem to eat lots of them. Since my diet change I’ve noticed that beans and onions don’t seem to affect me as they used. Good news for Obi. Πέντε is well out of the way at the other end of the van under my bed.

Xanthippos was pulling up plants to stuff them into a large refuse bag. He told me the plants are fed to his hens which then lay some wonderfully tasting eggs. The goats don’t like them. And I thought goats eat anything and everything.

The day got progressively darker and cloudier so I decided to take the dogs out earlier for their evening walk. There was already a light rain by then anyway. We had a quick dash round and back for meat and biscuits. All in bed with their food by 17:45. Only because of the rain.

Now it’s raining harder and more is expected. I wonder if my roof paint went off. White drips if there are any.

The beans, onions and tomatoes are coming along. The first time I’ve cooked Lima beans so I want to be sure they’re not like bullets. They soaked all night so are twice the size as before. If there’s no report you’ll guess it didn’t work out as hoped.

The rain patters down outside but the exterior dogs have good houses so will be fine.

Fido, who has the option to roam, has forsaken his bed to spend the night in the bale of hay. That’s called voting with your feet.

I’d better check the beans.

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