Yes, more rain!

We were out on time but it was raining lightly. I disappeared into the large cave and let the dogs run around to amuse themselves. After ten minutes the rain almost stopped so I thought I might even get my run done. Sure enough, it stayed fine long enough for me to run, get the dogs back and feed them. I was at the gate with Obi, Charlie and Oskar and just about to get Boris, when there was a heavy downpour. The three dogs and I retired to the awning where I sat down and they went to sleep. After a while, the rain stopped and we were able to go out. It was quite sunny for some of the walk although I hastened just in case.

I fed Boris and set off for Paleochora along wet and occasionally flooded roads. We’re beginning to get the hang of the rain now and the ground quickly becomes saturated and barely clears before the next downpour. Fortunately, most motorists were considerate so didn’t come thundering by to drench me with the standing water.

By the time I arrived at Petrakis the sun was shining. I’d stopped at the post office to pick up a package but decided that I wouldn’t live long enough to reach the head of the queue. I bought lots of veg but there was not really a cohesive menu plan. I remembered there were some elderly carrots amongst other things. Fortunately, I didn’t buy tomatoes as Marina has just brought me about 10kg (I kid you not). Three of the more squishy ones have just gone in the pot. That saves using a packet of purée.

Back at the camping, the sun was out and the birds were singing. Boris was lying out in his run and even Luis was relatively quiet. I cleared up, got some breakfast then sat down to eat it. It was around 11:30 by this time so most of the morning had disappeared. Next, I prepared some onions, garlic, courgettes, carrots and leeks. Now there’s a good mixture of vegetables to get you going! Added to that, there are tomatoes and various herbs.

Wandering over to the washing machine room to turn on the hot water, I could see smoke billowing out of the kitchen. One of the Albanian chefs had left his pan of what looked like chicken and beans on the gas without any liquid. A few moments more and a conflagration might have resulted. I turned off the gas, opened the lid and propped open the kitchen door. I didn’t see whose culinary delight it was.

I had a few IT queries today from LBS, EG and Inter Sport. I wasn’t feeling too much like getting into support calls as I had other things I needed to do so preferred not to have any interruptions.

Showers continued and it was looking definitely dodgy when we went out so I was sure we were going to be unlucky. As it happens, we were back and they were inside when some rain began and I was inside the van before it got harder.

The westerly wind is chasing the sea onto Grammeno Beach so I expect the lagoon to be full tomorrow morning. The wind has moved from north to east to south to west today. Trying to predict the weather has been confusing as the weather does not have to be coming from the direction of the wind.

I’ve just added the leeks to this evening’s masterpiece. I suspect I should have started it off earlier as it’s going to need a little more time than I’d bargained for.


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