Tomatoed-out II (The Revenge)

Marina arrived with a huge bag of tomatoes last evening just as I was preparing my supper. Some of the more battered tomatoes went into the supper and the others I have inspected and washed today. I decided to freeze two containers from yesterday so as to concentrate on the present tomato glut. I shall be eating quite a few tomatoes over the next couple of days and the remainder can go in the fridge. This is the time of the year when there is always a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables and the supermarket shelves have plenty of variety.

It didn’t rain this morning although it looked as though it might. The weather forecast was accurate this time. We walked and I ran. They played and ran too. Boris was accompanied by Obi, Charlie and Oskar and we were back and I was out on my way to Paleochora well before 09:00.

Today the roads were not flooded with only a few puddles remaining. I decided to venture into the post office since only a couple of people appeared to be waiting at the collection counter. I was served very quickly as my packet was in the drawer on the front desk. How I didn’t receive a notification docket ten days ago, I don’t know. The item was ordered from China weeks ago and seemed to take forever to get here. It is some special product that goes in bicycle innertubes to seal any leak caused by penetration by foreign object. It would be more than slightly annoying to have a puncture on the way back from Petrakis with fully-loaded panniers.

I purchased more breakfast fruit from the fruit and vegetable counter at Petrakis then got involved in a conversation with Yannis who was supposed to be operating the checkout. We were doing more talking than checking-out. I eventually left and cycled back to Grammeno in the intermittent sunshine. At least it wasn’t raining.

The temperature inside the awning tent reached 33C in the middle of the day. It was so warm that I went and sat outside for a little while as it was too hot to remain inside. The outside high today is 20.3C and it’s still 17.7C at 16:45. Some light rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning. From then on, the weather should get drier.

In honour of the imminent arrival of Tony and Ursula, I have swept and mopped the ladies loos. The vans have WC, basin and shower but conditions are a little cramped for showering making the central bathrooms a more attractive prospect. The ladies bathroom has been locked since the arrival of the Albanians which is why it remains clean and tidy. I inspected the men’s facilities earlier and they were quite dirty. Muddy footprints on the floors and some of the toilet bowls were less than attractive.

The evening doggy feeding program has been recently changed. Up until now, Pea has been fed in his cage as have Princess, Charlie and Luis. Due to the frequent showers, I decided it would be better if all the dogs were inside to avoid having wet dog at bedtime and me wandering back and forth putting them inside. It’s much quicker for me to deliver a few bowls of food when it’s raining than getting dogs to go into their cages. Fido gets to eat his outside as do Boris and Obi. Boris eats his up quite quickly and Obi is quick to go inside if rain comes on.

I’ll give them another fifteen minutes and then we’ll go out for the evening walk. It’s likely there will be people about as it’s a nice evening. There were some very dramatic sunset skies yesterday, however, there was no one about to take any pictures. I was focussed on getting the dogs back before the rain began and that was a close-run thing.

I understand Tony and Ursula are spending the night in a Gatwick hotel to be sure not to have any travel difficulties due to the Beast from the East and the accompanying snow. If all goes according to plan, their flight leaves tomorrow for the first leg of their journey as far as Athens where they will stay a night. The connecting flight to Chania is on Thursday. From there it is a matter of picking up a hire car followed by a ninety-minute drive over the mountains to Grammeno.

Huge excitement on the evening walk when a sort of cross between a quad bike and a go-cart appeared on the Promontory. The guy driving it entertained the dogs as some of them madly chased after them. Others were unsure due to the noise it made. Certainly, Obi had a good time as he was gone for a while. The bike made a couple more laps of Grammeno Beach before leaving for the road. I should imagine it’s quite a valuable vehicle as it looked really good from where I was standing. The guy had a sense of humour as he did a couple of tight turns sending up a wall of sand and shingle to engulf the dogs.

They’re all in bed now and silence reigns.

It would be nice if it could be dry for the morning walk.


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