End of February!

Matthew was 50 today. It makes me feel a little old as I remember teaching him in the Lomas building at Priory.

Tony and Ursula have made it to Athens despite the adverse weather conditions at Gatwick. Ursula even managed to get in a bit of fitness whilst waiting for the flight. I can assure you that it was nothing at all to do with any pressure from me.

The trend of early morning rain continues. I could see the clouds through the windscreen and sure enough, we had a little rain. Only 0.3mm but quite enough to get extremely wet. We were, therefore, late going out but made up the time as I got down to the running bit early on.

Obi accompanied Boris on his walk which they both appeared to enjoy. I didn’t really need anything from Petrakis today so went to the PAWS puppies in their little village.

I carried some biscuits with me naturally, although they had plenty of food and water available and were rather more inclined to snooze in their houses than see me. There was initial enthusiasm from many of them which declined to two or three of the larger puppies and one, small black one. He planted himself on my lap and went to sleep as I crouched on a tree stump. In the meantime, I fussed the two or three larger girls and fed biscuits to the black dog which ignored me on my previous visit. She gently took each biscuit from my hand, however, I could see she was far from trusting. The white dog from Sunday morning was not there today.

After fifteen minutes or so, I put the small black creature back in with the others and left for my journey back to the camping. There was little wind today, therefore, plenty of little flying insects were lurking in groups mostly over the road. Very annoying when you’re trying to ride.

I’ve had a busy day with support calls and trying to sort out accounts software for EG. A little frustrating should the truth be told.

The sun has shone to dry out some of the moisture from this morning. The top temperature is 21.6C which is high for the time of the year. The precipitation amounted to 0.3mm: all this morning from 05:45.

Xanthippos appeared as I was on the phone to Jo and I went off to inspect his raking a little later on. He’d been tidying up around T1 which will be Tony and Ursula’s abode. I have earmarked some additional blankets should they be needed.

Tonight’s menu includes tomatoes again which is not a problem as I could eat them till the cows come home. A bit of a ridiculous similarly for a vegan (plant-based) person. There are also some fakes beans which I never seem to tire of.

Ursula and Tony are waiting at Athens airport to be collected by Tony’s brother-in-law. Ursula is complaining it’s hot!


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  1. Claiming innocence will get you nowhere as far as my half hour on the static bike is concerned. But it was a noble thing you did. Revenge can be sweet….

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