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Having completed my blog last night I was unable to upload it as the Internet connection was too slow for it to work correctly. I ended up connecting my MacBook to my iPhone to send data over the 3G public network. So slow was the camping network. Doing anything was so painfully slow I was getting driven mad. Today I have limited the Albanians to share half of the available Internet speed between them. I have reserved the other half for everyone else. Unfortunately, Georgia has spent very little time at the camping so has no interest in paying for the faster Internet. Had she been here trying to use it for herself, I suspect we would have been upgraded long ago.

There was a clear sky this morning when we went out: a full moon teetering above the western horizon. The moon is currently edging towards the large roof light as I can see the light from where I’m sitting. We walked and I ran my 4km before returning to the camping. Boris and I went out accompanied by Obi and Fido. Charlie and Oskar were not happy about being excluded.

I cycled to Paleochora to buy some bananas and picked up some other bits and pieces. There was no need to buy tomatoes!

It was a pleasant ride back whereupon I emptied my washing from the machine and hung it up to dry after I assisted Lau in repositioning his van. The angle of the sun has changed so his solar panels will work much better now. Lau is completely self-sufficient as far as electricity is concerned. His fridge, lighting and entertainment system are all solar powered.

I got on with some IT work once I’d finished my breakfast.

It was a lovely, sunny day for the arrival of Tony and Ursula. They are currently out on the town in Paleochora getting a meal before returning to collapse in a heap. They are now settled into T1, have reintroduced themselves to and walked the dogs, as well as done some light shopping at Petrakis.

The high today is 20.2C as opposed to 21.6C yesterday. Both days have been lovely making the walks far more pleasant too.

It seemed very strange walking with only three dogs instead of the usual eight on the evening walk. We gave Tony Pea and Fido to look after on the way out with Charlie and Fido on the way back. Ursula said she much preferred the Grammeno sand under her feet than the squelchy mud she has endured since the beginning of November. Both commented that Athens feels much colder than Grammeno. But then Grammeno is surrounded by sea and is that much further south.

I can confirm that the Internet is now more equitably shared and that the Albanians must be feeling the pinch. Those in the reception building are not controlled by new system as they are on the other side of the device which does the controlling. Sadly…

Ursula has sent me pictures of their meal which they are enjoying in one of Paleochora’s fish restaurants. Apparently, Tony is having seafood whilst Ursula is enjoying some mountain greens. One of my restaurant favourites I must confess. I must make something for myself as I’m feeling hungry too.



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