First morning walk for Ursula

It was 04:00 UK time when Ursula came to pick up Oskar, Fido and Pea to take them on the morning walk. I’d been awake since my 05:40 (EET) watch alarm. But then this is my normal getting-up time.

We had a pleasant walk. I took the dogs over the rocks, I ran, they ran and Ursula took photos of me running to prove that I’m not just making it all up! We went back to the camping then walked Boris with Obi for protection. Boris needs a bit of protection.

I cycled off to Petrakis and discovered some very fresh, green spinach so bought a plastic shopping bag full. As we all know, spinach goes to nothing once you show it some hot water. It is soaking and cleaning itself in the large bowl outside at present. Tomorrow it will turn into spinach and rice for those who wish.

I had another busy IT day in my determination to sort out the EG accounts data once and for all. One data set had become corrupt so I needed to embark on a detective mission to discover which set was which. I shall now remove every other old or redundant file and folder also rename the actual folders with a logical name associated with its purpose. Having a folder called Company.006 is hardly a very descriptive way to label a data set!  I have also recommended to the accounts staff that they create their own copy of the data files so that there is another copy off-site.

It was sunny and warm so very pleasant working out under the awning. Huge kites were flying on the stony beach which caused Luis and Fido to enjoy a good bark until I expressed my displeasure. I rushed off for a shower after 15:00 so the water was not as warm as I might have liked despite the sunny weather. I guessed there may be a problem later and was unsurprised when a deputation of young Albanians appeared requesting more hot water. There are only twelve of them plus me so I don’t know where all the hot water goes.

Ursula and I took out the dogs slightly earlier this evening so they were all fed and in bed whilst it was still light. I carried on with my work at EG whilst preparing something to eat.

In an attempt to further reduce the tomato mountain, I am creating something with φακεσ (ΦΑΚΕΣ or fakes), tomatoes, some rubbery carrots, onion and garlic. There is some allspice also in the mix. It is quietly cooking on the hob as I write.

A lot of flapping tent material outside together with the sound of the sea close by, confirms the strong easterly wind. Not a strong-strong wind but quite hard work to cycle against.

Tony and Ursula have gone to Downtown Paleochora to seek out the bright lights on a Friday night out. I expect they will come rolling back in the small hours following their wild night out. That translates to – they’ll probably be back and in bed by 21:30.

My spies tell me that the latest consignment of alkaline water filters has- been collected from Lewes post office. Even from this remote location, I’m able to keep tabs on all kind of excitements which occur in Lewes.

A cacophony of barking heralded the surprise arrival of Antonis bearing a Cretan speciality made by his grandmother. It is orange peel in syrup. He says he likes it very much. He also informs me that he has been eating wholefood, plant-based for the past few weeks and says it’s no problem. His girlfriend loves dairy and meat so I’m not sure how that is working out. I mentioned that he might waste away if he’s not careful!


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