Wild night out!

Tony and Ursula enjoyed their wild night out in Paleochora and were back at about the expected time.

We were out and about at 06:00 for a pleasant walk and run on the Promontory. I ended up running topless as it was too warm with my fleece on. Boris was next with Obi and Fido as outriders. No one else was about which was strange for a sunny Saturday morning.

I rode to Paleochora and visited Petrakis for some breakfast fruit and garlic. An interesting combination. The garlic was for Ursula as she had purchased a replacement blender so that she could make hummus and other exotica.

We ate breakfast outside and lounged in the sun until I had to leave at 11:50 for my weekly call.

A brief chat with Matthew later followed by a haircut for me. Ursula took a before and after picture to show how long my hair had got. I’d been saving it for her as she makes a much better job of it than me.

A very hot shower and a little sit down in the sun before unlocking the workshop for Xanthippos who needed some plumbing fitting which he was unable to find amongst all the clutter evenly distributed about the place.

I then started on the preparation of the spinach and rice dish for this evening’s meal which will be kindly hosted at McGeorge Mansions. They have a table so we are able to eat in style.

The spinach seems to be taking its time. Watched pot and all that I suppose.

I plan to Introduce Tony and Ursula to the delights of The West Wing which they will hopefully be able to watch on my elderly MacBook Pro with the help of some external speakers. We shall see how that works out.

All the dogs are in bed and fed with only Πέντε wandering around. Hopefully, the Albanians will be quiet and I will have an uninterrupted evening without Fido finding an excuse to make a racket.



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