Quite a lazy Sunday afternoon

Stuffed with rice and spinach I returned last night to retire to bed shortly after.

Out at 06:00 on the Promontory for a very pleasant walk and run. The weather was mild so I dispensed with my under fleece in exchange for a T-shirt for running purposes. I ran around my circuit in the usual direction whilst Ursula walked around it in the opposite one. At any given time we had a selection of dogs following us.

Out again with Boris and his cohort comprising Oskar, Charlie and Obi. Boris needed extra protection today. Fido had indicated his desire to remain by holing himself up in one of the houses. Another pleasant walk then I biked off to see the PAWS puppies. There were more of them out and about today. They came rushing up to me as I arrived however many of them soon lost interest preferring to play in the sun. The little black puppy which lay on my lap and fell asleep the other day came and did the same.

Back to the camping for some breakfast which we enjoyed outside in the sun. Ursula had moved the benches and table up into the sunshine and, with little air, it was very pleasant.

A torrent of barking from the dogs confirmed that Martin from Azogires had appeared with Sammy, Cassie and his laundry. We chatted in the sun and Ursula made tea. Xanthippos was lurking so we delayed putting in the washing until the coast was clear. Martin’s washing churned whilst he took his dogs for a walk on the Promontory. He returned, took his clean washing and left.

I set up my old MacBook for Ursula and Tony to engage in a little evening viewing. I have set them up with season one of The West Wing and Season one and two of Frost. Apparently, Ursula has not seen Frost (!).

We ate outside in the warmth and sunshine. I went for a shower and later we took the dogs for their evening walk. There was something or someone very interesting in the large cave as they were engaged in a massive barkathon. I started to go back to collect them up but they were already arriving as I  headed off in the direction of the cave. I went back later but found nothing out of the ordinary.

Tony and Ursula returned to their van to finish off some of the spinach and rice from yesterday whilst I spent the evening playing with a large playlist which has nearly 2000 songs. Amazingly, nearly 1900 of which will fit on my watch!

It’s time for bed now as it’s nearly 22:45!!!



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