International Women’s Day Apple Challenge

Not quite as warm as yesterday morning but 15C nevertheless. We had a good walk and run although it started off a little breezy. This morning I wore no socks and was also wearing thin, short shorts under my heavier shorts. I achieved my 4.2km so we went back to feed the others and get Boris. This time he was accompanied by Fido, Obi, Charlie and Oskar. A bit of a works outing.

I cycled off to Paleochora for a speedy visit to Petrakis to get some additional ingredients for this evening’s bean feast. At that time, the wind was from the southwest. Now it is from the northeast. Poor, confused wind!

Ursula and I enjoyed breakfast outside in the sun and then I disappeared off to do some work. I had some mailbox archiving to do and transfer over to the new system. It was very warm under the awning with temperatures around 35C and 22C outside. So much for today being cooler than yesterday! It turned out to be warmer.

Later I started to prepare food for this evening so it can be left to cook whilst we are out with the dogs.

Thursday is International Women’s Day so Apple has decided we should all celebrate the occasion with a little exercise. The plan is to double your Move Goal. Mine is 3,000KJ which I can attain with a few dog walks, a 4.2km run and a 9km cycle to Paleochora and back. To achieve double that I would really need to work hard! Even on the Lost Phone Day, I only scored 5,000KJ and that was after a lot of cycling and walking. A 4km run earns me 900KJ and a 9km ride is 630KJ. I will need to consider how this award can be achieved.

The evening walk was also very pleasant as we met a couple from the Czech Republic with their eleven-month-old son. They come to Greece each year, usually in the summer, as his father is Greek and lives in Thessaloniki. They were amused by the dogs and wanted them to be let off to enjoy themselves. They seemed a very chilled-out couple.

Back at the camping, all the dogs have been put to bed and fed. The bean, potato, leek and tomato concoction is sputtering away on the stove. I’m awaiting Ursula’s text to say that she is ready for me to bring it round to their van.

It’s just coming up to 7pm. There is still light in the sky however it is nigh on dark.. The temperature is 16.5C and it has been a glorious day. I pointed out to the Czech couple that the weather was atypical for March. Ursula and Tony have, so far, been lucky with the weather. I hope it continues for them.





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