Royal visit!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, it looks as though we are going to have a Royal Visit. I spoke to Olivia today who tells me she is here to tend to the needs of Georgia, who is likely to be in the camping tomorrow. The indications are that she may even stay here for a night or so. Her house must be pretty disgusting as her dogs have had free-run of it since Christmas when last Georgia was here. As for Mickey, I have not had sight of him since he returned to Chania with Georgia after the New Year Holidays. It’s all so exciting! For Πέντε too as she has been on her own all that time too. Albeit with Lau for most days and with me most nights.

The morning program passed as usual with the same crew supporting Boris on his morning stroll. I went to Paleochora to buy breakfast fruit. For my 5.75€ I purchased: 7 large bananas; 4 green apples; 4 large grapefruits and 4 large oranges. Add to that the cost of a few nuts, berries and seeds, and you have my breakfast expenditure for around four days.

Like yesterday, the day began gloomy with lots of cloud. It cleared so we were able to enjoy our breakfast outside in the warmth if not sunshine.

Ursula decided to take Tony on an outing to Azogires to see Lucky and they set off mid-morning. I was doing some IT jobs, emails and checking backups. The sun turned to cloud so I decided to switch on the electric water heaters for the showers. Naturally, a short while after, the sun came out again but I would expect that.

The explorers returned so we sat in the late afternoon sun for a cup of tea and some biscuits outside their van. Ursula went off for some milk and I went back to the dogs. I discovered that one of the Boris enclosure posts was full of water so drilled a small hole in the bottom in order to let out the water. I extended its height with the help of a stray piece of pole so that the light which used to be on the awning would be higher. It’s one of the solar rechargeable automatic lights which I find work very well and are good value for money. There is another one on the gate which needs to come down so that I can clean the solar panel which is probably quite dirty.

The evening walk followed and Ursula and I exercised the dogs without the help of Tony who had more pressing business in his boudoir.

Today’s high is 20.7C despite the cloudiness. It was 19C again at 06:00 when we left for the morning walk. The temperature has now dropped to a chilly 16.8C which is the coldest it’s been all day so far. Boris may need his woolly jumper later.

Tomorrow is IWD (International Women’s Day) which will require huge personal sacrifice as I attempt to double my Move Ring. All will be revealed in the fullness of time.


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