International Women’s Day Apple Watch Challenge

From the start of the day, the emphasis has been on managing to achieve the IWD AW Challenge. The aim is to double your Move Goal. Mine is 3,000KJ and Ursula’s is 179KJ more. Ursula spent most of the first part of the day explaining how impossible it would be for her to complete the challenge seeing as the thing which she can do to complete the Move Goal is swim. The water is not at all warm yet so she has to don a wetsuit to go swimming in the sea.

I decided I should do more running as this is my preferred method of expending energy to complete the Move Ring. I started off by completing a 6.4km run. 2km more than my usual morning run. Ursula decided to walk as far as she could whilst I was running. After the run, I returned to the camping to pick up Boris for his walk and did a back-to-back with his cohort.

In the meantime, Ursula struggled into her wetsuit and went for a 1km swim. She knew the wind would make swimming impossible later on.

The Boris walk was only another 1.5km so that was not going to help much. I considered a bike ride but instead opted for a 10km run as this would use up more of the dreaded Move Ring. I ran all the way to the port to see the PAWS puppies and then all the way back. I had now run 16.47km but still, I had a bit to go.

When Ursula saw me on my return, she said I was completely potty for running so far. I went for a shower and we had rather a late breakfast.

I went to have a bit of a rest and do some work. In the meantime, Ursula, not wishing to be outdone, decided to walk into Paleochora to advance her Move Ring. She walked another 9.06km but still had a lot to go.

We had a cup of tea mid-afternoon but I could see that I could complete the challenge once the evening dog walk was behind me. Ursula needed more, so set about walking about the camping to finally achieve the award. She got hers before me!

Anyway, we have both received our awards having focussed most of our day to do so.

Here are the scores on the doors:


Move 7,041/3,179KJ

Exercise 113/30 minutes

Stand 16/12 hours

Steps 39,254

Distance 21.67km


Move 6,085/3,000kj

Exercise 231/30 minutes

Stand 14/12 hours

Steps 40,417

Distance 30.57km (16.47 running)


I think I might have the remainder of the day off!




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