After all the excitement and activity yesterday, today was a little calmer. It started early, thanks to Luis, who woke me up at 05:00. I thought about going back to sleep but played with my iPad instead. I was up by 05:25 so the day got off to a good start. It gets lighter earlier every day so I’m using my torch only to get the dogs out of the gate, then from there, it goes in my pocket.

Ursula felt a little stiff following all her workouts yesterday, so was a little way behind me with Oskar, Pea and Fido. Fido was the first of the three to greet me as I stood in the semi-darkness at the end of the Promontory. Ursula appeared shortly after the dogs.

We walked over the rocks and then I started running. Despite Ursula’s protestations, she managed to get in some good walking whilst I ran a mere 4km today. Time for a bit of a rest I thought.

I left Charlier, Oslar, Fido and Obi tied to a tree whilst I went off to collect some lovely baby tomatoes from Marina who was standing near the kitchen using the WiFi. She also gave me some cucumbers so it’s salad tomorrow night. Tonight Ursula is cooking some masterpiece of culinary delight.

I need to get down there or I’ll be in the dog house.

Later that evening…

Ursula produced a wonderful meal which I was only too delighted to eat. I have returned to be greeted by Πέντε and Obi who competed for my affection.

Other excitements during the day included a cycle ride to Petrakis to purchase some beetroot and a new, glass, chopping surface, I felt the plastic one was becoming a little unhygienic.

Breakfast was inside today as it was too cloudy and windy to be comfortable outside.

I decided that I could no longer stand the state of the Albanian WC cubicle. Soiled paper overflowing from the bin, rubbish on the floor and an extremely unpleasant toilet pan. I suited up with my HAZMAT gear, emptied the bin and put in a new bag. Swept the floor and mopped it. Cleaned the toilet and then left it with cleaner to work over-night. The cubicle is now locked to avoid any interference. I will unlock it tomorrow and we will see how long the Albanian loo remains clean and tidy.

I cleaned the hob in my van as well as the electric one I have in the storeroom which I am lending to Ursula to use in their van. At present, she has a single-burner gas stove which she uses outside. The TV has been removed in favour of the hob. Warmer and more convenient cooking with not an Albanian in sight.

Πέντε has been scratching as has Obi. Luis was also bothered by fleas. I got one of the mega-sized dog flea products and decanted it by means of a large hypodermic into a 10cc syringe. One of those will do the Brown Dogs, including Πέντε, Princess and Pea as well as Oskar and Charlie. Boris, who is on his own for most of the time, does not seem bothered by fleas but his time will come during the biting-fly season.

Whilst we were having a cup of tea this afternoon, Xanthippos turned up bearing the CCTV cameras I ordered in December. There was some reluctance on the part of Georgia to pay for the 200€ VAT and administration charges as the package passed through customs.

Georgia visited the camping yesterday with Dimitris. She told me that she has ordered the faster Internet connection but mentioned that one of the hotels down the road had been without a connection for several days during the transfer to the new service. I do not understand why that should be if they have the same service. Hopefully, we will have a faster connection. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the existing connection is slowing down. Nothing to do with OTE wishing to transfer their customers to the new, more expensive service I’m sure.

It’s getting late as it’s almost 21:30 on a Friday night. I think I’m still recovering from yesterday’s active day.


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