A very lazy Sunday Afternoon!

H A P P Y   M O T H E R ‘S   D A Y


Despite a rather pessimistic forecast, the weather has been lovely. I stretched out on one of the sun loungers after breakfast and didn’t move again until around 14:00 when Ursula went off for a swim. Having struggled into her wetsuit, she boldly strode to the beach to swim her width of the bay. A while later, I was on the beach with Luis and Xanthippos. The latter was impressed by Ursula’s swimming prowess.

The morning walks went according to plan although Luis and Princess remained attached due to a couple of campers who had pitched their tent on the margin between the beach and the Promontory. The car, cool box and other items had been evident since the previous evening. I did not draw the dogs’ attention to them however I knew that Princess and or Luis would seek them out like a Cruise Missile enticing all the others to that location.

We walked and ran despite a few dark and threatening clouds from the west. Boris was escorted only by Obi as I felt I’d be pushing my luck to have the others there too given the motorhome and tent dwellers.

I cycled to see the PAWS puppies who were suitably appreciative of my visit and my biscuits.

It was plenty warm enough to sit out for breakfast which Ursula and I enjoyed seated on the bench at the table by their van.

Xanthippos came to perform his morning inspection of the camping taking his role as camp commandant extremely seriously. I’m sure he enjoys having the Albanians to bully and boss-about. He discovered food remains on the ground near to the Small Cabins where the majority of the Albanians are resident. The kitchens were far from clean as were the toilets, so he reported.

I received a number of bulletins throughout the day as he busied himself with what may have been numerous telephone calls to Georgia. When the Albanians returned from work they found Xanthippos ready to put them to the task of cleaning the toilets and kitchens. Apparently, he has designated a rota for each cabin to take a turn at cleaning.

I suspect that to actually clean the kitchen and bathroom himself would have taken considerably less time. But that would have curtailed the enjoyment he derived in making the Albanians fulfil his wishes. I suspect a position of authority and power rarely comes his way.

When not involved in his management duties, Xanthippos also found time to walk Georgia’s dogs and remove some soggy paper towels blocking one of the soil pipes.

After a cup of tea and some extremely yummy hummus, we set off to take the dogs for the evening walk. Despite the absence of cars in the beach car park, lots of barking announced the fact that there was someone about. As it turned out, it was the son from the Third Eye restaurant out walking a young dog. Meeting up with our lot was proving quite daunting so I went to even the playing field and remove some of the ringleaders. Fortunately, Princess was still on the lead and with Ursula which made things considerably easier. Unfortunately, Oskar has become overconfident in an insecure way, and barks quite aggressively. I need to invest some time to cure him of that habit and redirect his newfound confidence in a more productive way.

Having Princess, Oskar and Luis on the lead allows the others to not be drawn into mischief. Sadly, those three are more than ready to instigate a situation.

There are now three motorhomes parked in the beach car park however the tent dwellers and their car have now departed. I feel I can safely say they are the first wild campers of the season.

H A P P Y   M O T H E R ‘S   D A Y


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