Only just back!

We’re only just back from the evening walk. There was a white car in the car park with a rental company logo on the door and a couple of women with packs walking north. We wondered if it might be theirs but guessed not as they were walking away from the car. We kept Luis, Oskar and Princess on the lead in case there was still someone at large. Only on the final leg of the walk did we bump into the Czech couple with the baby who we met the other day.

We ended up having a long chat as our normally 35/40 minute walk turned into a 90 minute one. Boris insisted on having his ball thrown as he had a new audience to try to impress. He was fit to drop by the time we finally got back, ate his food and immediately disappeared into his house.

The dogs are all now fed and in bed so I am quickly writing my blog before joining Ursula and Tony for supper. Fortunately, Ursula prepared the meal earlier.

It has been another warm day with a high of 19.1C despite a gloomier forecast. This morning was overcast to begin the day as I marched my four dogs up the road towards the car park just before 06:00. Two Czech motorhomes had joined the Mad Max Monster Van which was there the previous night. They all departed today.

I went to Petrakis for some fruit and chatted briefly to Yannis as I checked out. He informed me I was the first person to use a payment card for the week.

Breakfast with Ursula and Tony inside the van to begin with as there was a cool northwesterly wind. I had recently cycled from Paleochora so was still quite warm.

One support call was all I received so I busied myself installing a security server at Inter Sport. This server looks at others to make sure they are virus-free and up-to-date.

Luis spent time with Ursula but went into a rapid decline when she went off for her swim.

The poo lorry came to empty the poo tank adding a pleasant aroma to the air. Luckily the Albanians were not present as it is right behind their little cabins. I suspect it was overdue an empty which is why it was starting to back up. Following lots of pumping the truck finally departed.

We had tea before going out with the dogs.

I have a certain female Brown Dog lying next to me on the seat. Obi appears to have been relegated to the floor at the front of the van. Not that it matters much now as the cold weather is virtually over for this year I should imagine. When it was cold, and the heating was on, no amount of persuading would entice Πέντε to come to the rear of the van to lie in front of the heater outlet. She appears to have a new-found confidence and it becoming a little dominant towards Obi. No matter, as Mickey will soon be back for her to play with and she will prefer to be with him than come in here at nights.

Better not keep the chef waiting…

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