One year on

Pretty flowers on the promontory. This winter has been a good one for flowers


Princess and Pea celebrate one year living at the Grammeno Menagerie today. They were picked up on 13 March 2017 on the morning walk. Pea is a lot bigger and Princess a lot fuller in the frame. I was looking at the photos I took when they were picked up.

My blissful slumbers were interrupted a couple of times but not to any great extent. I woke up early and stayed awake, only to fall asleep at the time the alarm goes off.

The morning activities passed without incident although it was quite blustery and a little chilly. I even hung on to my fleece whilst running. The temperature was 15C, which is not at all cold, just that the wind was fresh as well as cold.

Boris’ outriders were tied to the fence on the beach whilst I went to collect Boris following walk number one. We had a good walk around the Promontory with periods of sunshine in the gaps of the overcast sky. There have been lots of clouds today sometimes quite threatening.

I went to Paleochora with a following wind so had to push my way back again. I bought a large jar of sundried tomatoes in the catering section of the supermarket. Small jars appear to be disproportionately expensive. I picked up quite a large jar for 6€ and a small jar is nearly 4€. I have yet to sample the quality of the tomatoes so it remains to be seen if it’s worth it.

Marina bought me a bag of cucumbers yesterday and threatened to return today with some tomatoes. So far she has yet to materialise. I think she prefers to try to catch me before the dogs are in bed as it tends to turn into a bit of a circus if she appears after dark.

I spent the day on fiddling IT jobs as well as the continued installation of the new Security Server at Inter Sport. I’m now updating all the clients which will require starting the machines. A job which must be done when they are not being used or backed up.

Ursula took Tony for a trip to Anydri Beach this afternoon as the weather was inconducive to swimming. Firstly because it was windy and secondly as it was cloudy. They had a bit of a blow on the beach then we had a cup of tea once they were back.

The evening walk was as chilly as the morning one so I was disinclined to hang around for too long. We went and did what was necessary so were back whilst it was still light making it easier to feed and put the dogs to bed.

Still, we are lucky as it hasn’t rained so far this month!

I’m dining alone this evening following last evening’s blow-out with Ursula and Tony. Ursula produced another magnificent meal and there was even some left over which I am saving in the freezer! Yummy! Thank you, Ursula!



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