A watched iPhone never boils

A somewhat disturbed night due to an alien invader. I was asleep before 22:00 but woken at 23:00 by Princess barking for some reason. Then again at 02:00 by Oskar joined shortly after by Pea. Very soon the reply came from the invader somewhere in the camping. I was not about to get out of bed to check out the invader and fortunately, both Oskar and Pea stopped barking. The remainder of the night was peaceful.

Ursula was in the storeroom and one her way with her dogs before I’d returned from switching off all the lights in the central kitchen. The Children had left them on all night for a change.

The remains of the moon furtively hid behind some straggling clouds and we jointly agreed that it was ‘partly cloudy’ for the crowd report. The idea is that you report the actual conditions where you are so that the weather service can compare the actual with the forecast.

It was chilly again this morning so we didn’t hang around for long. Over the rocks and then time for some running for me and playing for the dogs. Obi, Oskar, Fido, Pea and Luis appeared to be having a good time this morning. Running some of the time with me then following Ursula as she walked in the opposite direction. All the dogs were free as there were no motorhomes or other distractions out and about.

Back at the camping, I went straight out again having collected Boris. Ursula kept Luis with her but took Princess and Pea back to the compound. The Boris walk was uneventful although he was up for a bit of ball retrieval.

I decided to cycle to Krios Beach as I had no need to go to Paleochora today and I’d visited the PAWS puppies on Sunday. I needed a jacket as the westerly wind was chilly as I cycled to Krios. There, I sat on the beach for a few minutes before starting back to Grammeno. It was a very leisurely ride which was reflected by my poor Activity results. Still, plenty of time to make it up during the day.

We had breakfast outside although it was a bit cloudy and the wind was chilly. Even Tony came out to join in this morning!

I left to answer some emails and perform various IT tasks but I’m not entirely sure where most of the morning went.

Later, I went for a shower and joined Ursula on the beach as she wandered along the shoreline with Luis. She was trying to close her Rings. She returned to deal with a pot on the stove so I continued a little with Luis.

We had a cup of tea and then took the dogs for the evening walk. Tony was sitting on a concrete pile as we neared the end of the walk. He took a couple of the dogs from Ursula and we walked back.

The sky appeared quite threatening and there were even a few drops of rain. Nothing to write home about.

I managed to deal with a problem which has been annoying me for some while but had only become more apparent since I’ve been spending more time away from the van. The Apple Watch talks to the iPhone when they are close together but uses the wireless network if they are apart. An attraction of the Apple Watch, especially in the summer, is that it can receive calls, messages and emails without the need to have the iPhone nearby. A boon for me as I hate lugging my phone everywhere when I’m wandering the camping wearing only shorts. It’s a bind when I get back to find a series of missed calls or a string of messages. Anyway, I now know why so have fixed it. I can now go anywhere in the camping with only my watch, yet keep in touch. Another good reason to upgrade the camping’s WiFi.

Siri, the Apple virtual assistant quipped that ‘a watched iPhone never boils’ when I asked him to set the timer for 45 minutes whilst I was cooking. Talking to your gadget is handy when you have dirty or greasy hands.

On the subject of food, my rice is ready!


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