That was hot!

Πέντε decided she would go outside last night and declined my invitation to come back into the van at bedtime. She was flat out on the dog bed under the awning and it was not at all cold, so I didn’t press her. For some reason, only an hour or so later, Fido started barking so she joined in. I’d gone to bed early so it was probably around 23:00. She then came quite quickly into the van when I called her away from the fence and told Fido to shut up. The episode could have resulted due to Albanian activity or cats. We have a number of moggies in the camping who are vying for territory. The remainder of the night was peaceful.

This morning, after all the various walks and runs, I went to Paleochora to purchase some new keys for the ladies toilet as I noticed Steffie had appeared from Berlin. There were not enough keys to go around especially if other customers appeared. At the hardware store, I purchased two pairs of hinges, three copied keys and an aerosol of lubricant for my bike. All for 14€ which I felt was extremely reasonable. Especially as I ended up dropping the card reader on the floor whilst entering my PIN. What, enter a PIN? No waving the card over the reader there!

Next was Petrakis for some items for the evening meal and some rusks (AKA risks – autocorrect) for breakfast. Then back to the camping to give Steffie her key and to join Ursula for breakfast.

I was working on my computer when Olivia appeared to tell me of a couple waiting at reception. They turned out to be English who were coming to Crete for the first time. They’d been in Athens for a few days having arrived in Greece via Albania. They said they particularly enjoyed Albania. In Athens, they’d been eating out and said there was a good choice of vegan restaurants, to their surprise. I pointed them to Petrakis where there are probably the finest vegetables in the town. As well as all the dried fruit, nuts etc. Beans, lentils etc are normal fare in a Greek supermarket.

Georgia was in the camping chatting to Mikhalis as I showed the customers around. They customers chatted with Ursula and then I left them to their own devices. My morning had, by now evaporated.

In the afternoon, I wandered off for a shower followed by a long chat with Steffie. It then dawned on me I’d volunteered to cook supper so set about doing it. Tonight we had spicy lentils. Rather more spicy than I’d intended. On a previous shopping trip I’d picked up some Cretan Secrets special chilly spices. I’d put in quite a bit but then Ursula said she didn’t mind spicy so I put in a little more. That was the mistake – just a little too spicy. Never mind, the lentils make a great chilly so the remains will go in the freezer to find themselves reheated with rice to dilute them out.

Tony came on the evening dog walk. Ursula mentioned that Princess had been particularly preoccupied with her rear end on the return from the morning walk. On inspection, I could understand why. She is quite fluffy and insists on going through the undergrowth where she picks up all kinds of twigs and burrs. Her fur had become clogged and the clogging had attracted other matter which was causing her displeasure. I was certainly not about to get involved with it on the walk. Ursula held her whilst I hosed off her rear end when we got back to the camping. Princess promptly disappeared to roll in all the dust and stones in the run to return herself to her normal, grubby state.

Πέντε was definitely pleased to see Georgia so I was interested to see if she would appear this evening. As it turned out, she had little choice. She has recently taken to going into the storeroom where there is a huge pile of palm leaves ready for thatching the shading around the camping. We returned from the evening walk whereupon Pea, Oskar and Fido were put into their beds in the storeroom. Fido sleeps in the bale of hay and is on a long lead so he can roam about. This left Πέντε stuck inside the storeroom with a choice of either running the gauntlet of Fido, egged-on by Pea and Oskar or staying put out of Fido’s rope range.

I went to feed the dogs and could hear a rustling in the palm leave behind me to see Πέντε nervously sitting in a corner. I went over to her so she came over to me and I picked her up and took her outside and put her in the main compound. She was very pleased to see me when I came back after supper and virtually licked me to death!

I’m now falling asleep so will post this drivel before I actually do!


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