Power struggle

A peaceful night punctuated only by Πέντε wishing to go out at 04:50. But as that’s nearly getting up time, there’s no point in going back to sleep. I’d slept more than enough by then anyway.

The morning exercises went as anticipated followed by a trip to the supermarket. It was a calm morning so the ride was speedy in both directions. All I had to do was remove the various insects clinging about my person: the penalty for a calm morning.

Our breakfast was accompanied by sawing and banging from T3 as Mikhalis and Xanthippos fixed the hole in the floor. I’ve not been to see what kind of a job they’ve made of it as I’m not that interested.

The next excitement of the day was the sound of a motor strimmer (hand-held grass-cutting machine) being started up.

A strimmer and operator

Mikhalis appeared with a safety helmet and started cutting about in the hedge near to T1 where Ursula and Tony are staying. He then moved down the path towards the beach creating a storm of dust and leaves. Ursula had her washing on the line so Xanthippos came along, shouting over the noise of the strimmer, to tell her to take it down. I told Xanthippos to stop the strimmer or go use it in another part of the camping. Not in a location where two lots of customers were trying to enjoy their stay. I pointed out that next week there would probably be no one in the camping and so they could make as much mess and noise as they liked. His reply was that Georgia had said she wanted this work done.

The customers who arrived yesterday were peacefully working in their van near to the beach. They were now being treated to the noise of the strimmer: fortunately, the dust was blowing away from them.

My next move was to send a text to Maria telling her that the customers were being disturbed by the noise and mess and that I couldn’t understand the logic of doing this work now.

A very short while later, Xanthippos marched purposefully down the path with his mobile clamped to his ear. The machine abruptly stopped and they both disappeared towards the workshop. Georgia had obviously spoken! Later, I heard the strimmer working up by the entrance of the camping which I would prioritise as this is the part any customer sees first.

There was a similar incident last year when the new small cabin was being constructed. The people staying in T3, which is very near to the work, complained to me about the sound of an angle-grinder at 09:00. I sent a message to Maria which resulted in Mikhalis getting a flea in his ear for thoughtlessness towards the customers. He then moaned at me for not approaching him directly and going straight to Georgia. My view is that it’s not my job to organise the workforce. This time Xanthippos ignored my protestations so left me with little alternative. They will get over it! I’m sure Georgia told them to start strimming the site but I’m sure she might also hope they use their common sense!

It was a very warm day with a top temperature of 21.9C. Not the hottest of the year but there was plenty of sun and little wind.

Ursula went swimming and I investigated the reason why the WiFi and bar camera were not working. I discovered that the power in the bar and restaurant area was off and reported the fact to Xanthippos, the self-appointed camp commandant. I don’t have access to the keys for the bar and also don’t feel much like scrabbling about sorting it out. My report appears to have been ignored so if Georgia tries to access the bar camera remotely she will see nothing. The Albanians in the small cabins will be struggling for a connection without that access point as the next ones are a bit far from their accommodation.

The evening walk was very pleasant and the dogs were all tucked up before dark. Tony and Ursula are out on another wild Friday night in Paleochora so the town will doubtless now be red.

The chilly lentils from yesterday evening are beginning to make their presence felt. The remainder has been put in the freezer for another day.

Time for something to eat and to watch Dunkirk, kindly brought over from UK by Ursula.


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