Potentially windy night

It was getting light as I set off across the field towards the Promontory: we seem to have been a little later today. There was a fresh easterly wind which made it feel much cooler than the 15C reported by my watch. I even hung onto my fleece for the first few circuits of the morning run. Ursula seems to have acclimatised so was well wrapped up too.

After the walks, I rode to Paleochora as I needed bananas. Outside of Petrakis there was Martin’s car with Sammy and Cassie in the back. Both were pleased to see me as I petted them through the open driver’s window. Inside the store was an Obi look-alike owned by one of the customers. He was petted too. I paid for my bananas and went out to pet the small, fluffy creature tethered to a metal stanchion. Ursula, who I had encountered at the vegetable counter buying this evening’s supper, had already set off for Grammeno.

We managed breakfast outside despite the variable weather then I went down to make sure the English couple were continuing their stay and everything was in order.

Ursula noticed that the WiFi was no longer working so I went to investigate. The Controller had reported two more access points were offline. Now all were disconnected. I checked the switch and could see the access points were connected but the feed from the kitchen was disconnected. As I approached the kitchen I could see Olivia working within. She was washing the floor with the usual 4,000 litres of water, some of which had shorted out the power cables to the fridge-freezer. I suggested she might like to sweep out the majority of the water before I reset the power. I needed a wrench to access the fuse panel as the plastic handle to the door is broken. Power resumed and everything came back online. Except the Bar which is waiting for the power to be turned back on. No one seems interested in doing this.

There followed my weekly call during which the sunny intervals became shorter and the wind freshened. I heard tales of snow falling in Lewes and projected nighttime temperatures of -6C.

The sky became greyer and so I decided to get a shower and go for the cup of tea proposed by Ursula. The central bathroom had received a further clean so the floors were still drying out. We had tea, hummus and lemon biscuits from Anatoli bakery before departing for the evening walk.

The dogs were all psyched up for their walk so I marched them down to meet up with Ursula who was coming the other way with Luis. Tony had voted with his feet and retired to the van where it was a lot warmer than outside.

The walk was blustery and a little chilly so we didn’t hang around for too long.

The dogs are now all tucked up in bed as the sky darkens before nightfall. I’m sitting outside to write this but wearing plenty of insulation.

The wind forecast is potentially for gusting to 72km/h with will lead to quite a disturbed night if it’s accurate. Fortunately, the wind is from the east so the sail shade will help.

Ursula is waiting to finish off the supper so I’d better get on my way.


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