And they’re off!

Ursula’s last walk went without incident and we ran and walked as usual. The plan was for them to be on the road by 10:30 so we didn’t hang about.

I left Obi, Charlie, Oskar and Fido attached to the camping fence whilst I went in for Boris. He was lying next to the gate when I came through the main gate but seemed uninterested when I proposed a walk. I went back out for the others so gained an additional 45 minutes through not doing an additional walk.

I cycled to Petrakis as I needed breakfast fruit. A quick turn-around despite the children on their way to school. They seem to buy stuff in the supermarket and also the bakery.

Back at Grammeno, I prepared my breakfast and went round to see how Ursula and Tony were getting on with their packing. Tony was still in his boudoir which was probably for the best. Ursula seemed to have everything under control so we had some breakfast together. Some of their stuff remains at the camping so they were taking back mostly what they brought.

The Russians in T2 were so delighted with their night, they decided to stay for another day. I passed my electric hob and kettle to them as Ursula had no further need of it.

We packed their bags into the hire car and Ursula and Tony left for Souda airport and the first leg of their journey home. They had a four-hour stopover in Athens which proved quite demanding for Ursula and most likely seemed a lot longer. They are now on their way to Gatwick.

I shoved their loungers down to the Russians and Xanthippos brought a couple more from the storeroom. The Russians had left to explore Paleochora I suspect.

I went out to the beach to find the couple with the Hymer had gone. I had planned to go for a quick chat and was surprised they’d left.

It was warm and sunny so I went back to the van to sort out some of the mess and do a little work. The sun became quite relaxing after a while.

Not too many jobs today so I was able to get on with my clearing up.

I spent some while trying to sort out the old MacBook to find that the hard drive has probably failed and all the material I copied to it was for nothing. I have ordered a replacement drive from Amazon. An SSD which should give the laptop a bit of a speed boost. I’ve had that MacBook six years and it was probably five years old when it came to me. It’s still good so worth replacing the disk.

My shower was boiling when I finally took it around 15:00. The sun is starting to get stronger and the water hotter. I may need to consider putting the mixer thermostat back on again fairly soon. This is the thing the plumber showed me back in the autumn. It is to prevent injury due to excessively hot water during the summer months. It needs turning off in winter as it’s not very sophisticated and makes the showers quite cool.

With no assistant tonight, I had to walk all the dogs on my own. Out on the beach, I could see the Hymer was back and we had a bit of a chat. The dogs were well-behaved considering it was the beginning of the walk. That was until a couple with a little dog appeared so we called it a day and I took them off onto the Promontory.

Boris was struggling a bit, making very heavy weather of the walk. I shall take him on a shorter walk tomorrow morning on his own to assess his mobility. I may need to consider taking him to the vet as the initial progress due to the special diet appears to be reversing.

Two brown dogs are taking up most of the rear bench seat so I feel we need to come to some arrangement in a moment.

The weather forecast for the next few days seems unappealing. There has been no rain so far this month with warmer than average temperatures. I think the coming days may make up for that.



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