Badly organised!

I was awake at 04:45 and didn’t bother to go back to sleep. I really needed to get up and sort out the washing as it was piling up and I had a good machine-full. If only I’d done it the evening before it would have been so much easier! Instead, I was rummaging around getting everything together and I would have preferred just to have picked up the bucket and plonked everything in the machine. On the way back I visited the kitchens to turn off the lights. The children (AKA Albanians) leave all the lights on every night. I decided to check the freezer compartment of the fridge to discover it had started to defrost and there was a lake at the bottom of the freezer. I checked the breakers in the fuse box and they were all ok and it turned out the plug was not firmly in the socket. I think my food is ok as it is all now very cold and solid again.

The walk was fine although quite chilly. Another side-effect of the washing spree was the need to find clothes to wear. Most of the regular garments were in the machine. It was all done by the time I got back from the walk so I hung it up before feeding the dogs. Boris was uninterested in a morning walk so I went off to Paleochora just for the ride.

I passed the Russians who were walking to Paleochora on my return journey so I knew they’d vacated T2. I collected the key from the letterbox where I asked them to leave it and went to reclaim my hob and kettle.

I did some IT support work, made my bed and folded up the washing and put it away. It was very pleasant sitting under the awning enjoying the warmth and it’s possible that I may have dozed off at one point! Hardly surprising as I was awake at 04:45 and didn’t go to bed until after 23:00!

I took Boris and Obi for a leisurely walk around 16:30 and Boris seemed to manage ok and even played with his ball.

The other dogs went out a little later as I was not up for back-to-back walks at that time of the day.

The forecast is talking very windy in the night:

I’m not sure I believe gusts to 90+km/h but better go and get everything in anyway.


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