Paleochora – the new Brigadoon?

03:34 and the power went off. I’m reliably informed there was a huge [building] fire which, fanned by the strong winds, spread, engulfing a nearby electricity pylon. Power was restored around 10:00.

The wind, fortunately, didn’t gust over 90km/h as WindFinder predicted, however, it managed a respectable 70.2km/h at 03:00.

You might also notice that the outside temperature was 21.4C at 03:00!

The wind was still very fresh at getting up time so I lounged around in bed until 05:45! Decadence!

We went out as it was getting light so I was able to hang my torch over the fence post before leaving. The sea was very strong from the east making the surface of the Promontory sand wet. Princess and Luis were held captive due to the continuing presence of the huge Unimog together with its German inhabitants and dogs.

Not the actual one but similar in many respects

Despite the strong easterly wind, I set off for Paleochora simply for the exercise. Tomorrow, I need to do some shopping but today I sat on a bench and read the newspaper. Naturally, the return journey was pretty quick!

There was breakfast and IT work which kept me busy most of the morning. Xanthippos appeared, requesting keys to T3 as he was trying to track down a mop for Olivia. Seems he’s trying to organise her in his role as camp commandant. He eventually disappeared to play in the bushes near to Georgia’s residence.

There was some written and verbal correspondence with Georgia. First for a price for Sascha and then regarding the new camping website, wifi and cameras.

I’d mentioned to Xanthippos on Sunday that the power was off in the restaurant/bar area and that the WiFi and camera were no longer working. I asked for a key and he told me he’d need to talk to Mikhalis. Nothing further happened and I reckoned it would only be a matter of time before Georgia discovered she was no longer able to snoop on everyone via the bar camera. Xanthippos owned up to having been informed by me but was a little economical with the excuse for doing nothing. Apparently, both Mikhalis and Olivia have keys to the bar(!). Not me, however, the guy who is always on site.

Georgia mentioned there had been a hitch with the new Internet provision. Something to do with the ownership of the line which I didn’t fully understand. She updated me regarding her current medical situation which probably explains why Mickey is putting on weight and she is not at the camping. It’s all down to her recurring leg problem, visits to the therapist and to the doctor. She told me she was loafing in bed which I would not think is likely to improve things. She mentioned that the new Grammeno website is nearing completion but I won’t hold my breath on that one either.

Obi went with Boris for a leisurely stroll to find the latest motorhome parked in the Grammeno Beach car park. A medium-sized French motorhome which may have been lurking in the port area of Paleochora over the weekend.

Back out again with the rest of the mob just after 18:00 to witness the soupy air filled with Sahara dust. It is no longer possible to see Paleochora from the east side of the Promontory, nor the mountains behind the Villas from Grammeno Beach! Proper dust storm!

The forecast is for rain tomorrow evening so if the dust is still with us, everything will turn kaki!

I’m sitting outside at 19:44 clad only in shorts and a thin fleece. It’s definitely not cold!

Time for some food methinks.


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