Everything was kaki

The wind turned to the southwest during the night and was a lot cooler than the previous day.

I awoke to discover a lack of Internet when I tried to check the weather. Only my phone appeared to be connected. We got going and out on the Promontory. The sea was still stirred up due to the strong easterly wind of the day before. We went over the rocks and I got my foot and shorts wet whilst trying to encourage Princess up onto higher rocks to avoid the waves breaking over the causeway. Fortunately, I had other shorts on underneath.

We were back in good time so I went to the office to investigate the lack of Internet. From the router, I could see it was not connected so I checked the phone where there was a recorded message informing me that outgoing calls would not be possible as the account was in arrears. I sent a text to Maria informing her of the situation and she emailed back quickly to tell me she would deal with it and it should be back on within two hours. The phone bill had obviously been overlooked.

Off to Paleochora with a following wind where I got in food for the weekend. Rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning making a ride into town less than desirable. I chatted with Martin for a while and we investigated an elderly Mercedes saloon which had been recently abandoned opposite Petrakis. It was a good motor in its day.

Many of the cars were covered with a dense layer of dust depending on where they had been parked overnight. Only one car was all clean and shiny and I expect that was owned by a British expat who’d cleaned it before coming out. No Greek would clean their car unless all of the windows were completely obscured.

Some IT support for Barbara in Australia who is responsible for moving EG to a new website. I fiddled with one of my weather websites and hoovered and mopped the van and parts of the awning area.

Boris went for a walk with Obi and appeared quite active today. The sky was a little threatening and I was mindful of a need to walk the others before the promised rain. As it turned out, we were back and they were all fed and in bed before it began. The only absentee from the fold is Πέντε who was not hanging around by the gate as usual. She might have got wet during the shower which has just ended.

I’m outside under the awning but wearing more clothes than yesterday. I shall not be out here for much longer as the temperature is dropping due to the recent rain. Only about 1mm has fallen but the forecast talks of considerably more to come as well as the possibility of thunder. In which case, Boris will need to be relocated to the storeroom.

I’m going to see if Πέντε is anywhere to be seen and then call it a day.


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