Crazy day

Intermittent rain was the order of the night however it didn’t keep me up despite going to bed before 21:00! On a Friday night, what’s more.

I was on the point of jumping out of bed when more rain came down. I finally pried myself out at 06:10. We walked and I ran my bit despite a small rainy interlude. I spied the British couple’s van parked on the stony beach so assumed they were economising. Some bright spark left a pipe running so there was a large lake opposite the kantina. We went back that way as there were no sheep in the field.

Just as I was unclipping the dogs, down came the rain so everyone scattered for shelter once released. There was a pause until the shower passed before breakfast was served. I busied myself checking out something for Terry on the Internet.

I was of two minds whether to go to Paleochora but then the sun came out so I took the opportunity to go to Manolis’ garage to ask for more gas for the kitchen. We chatted about the camping before I set off to return to Grammeno. A naughty cloud suddenly appeared to drop big lumps of water on me. Fortunately, it didn’t last for long although my shorts were wet.

The British couple were now in the camping and came to me to deliver their passport and to explain that they arrived later last night so decided to camp on the beach so as not to disturb my Friday night. How considerate.

I quickly made my breakfast as the weekly telephone call time was approaching. I was munching in mother’s ear as it was.

More showers followed sunny intervals. Georgia appeared briefly but went when I said I was on the phone.

It rained again later so I feared none of the dogs would get an evening walk as it looked as though it had set in. But then the sky cleared to the west and the sun came out. One of the endearing qualities of Cretan weather. It can turn from horrid to lovely in a very short time. I marshalled the dogs and we enjoyed a super walk on the Promontory. We were bathed in sunlight as Boris scampered after his ball. He was again quite bionic this evening. Despite periodically falling over his own feet!

We got back to the camping and fed and in bed without further dampness. I was in the van before dark and writing my blog. It’s a little chilly so I’ve turned the heating on low. The heater has not done much work this winter and the 25kg gas tank seems to be never-ending.

Time for some food. Raw vegetables and quinoa this evening. Not terribly exciting but does the job and I have so many tomatoes and cucumbers…




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