The Annunciation

The alarm woke me at 04:30 (old time) but I decided it was too early to be getting up so I reset it to 06:30 (new time). I don’t really want to be wandering around the Promontory for an hour in the dark when it’s winter. Summer is a different matter.

We did all the usual things then I went off to Paleochora to see the PAWS puppies. They are now down to three puppies and the black adult. Quite a change from a few weeks ago. I fed them some biscuits and then received a phone call from Nick, the English guy at the camping. They wanted to pay and reclaim their passport. They had already been informed by my dogs that I was out.

I cycled back, they paid, we chatted and they left.

Breakfast followed and then I’m not quite sure where the remainder of the morning went. It was cold, grey and miserable outside but not raining. I’m sure I was doing something important.

Eventually, there was some sun and then Xanthippos appeared to inform me that it was Litsa’s Name Day and that I was invited to join them for lunch. I quickly got a shower and made myself slightly more presentable. When I arrived, I found Steffie, Xanthippos, Mikhalis and various family members and their children. It was explained to me that as it was also the Annunciation there would be no meat but only fish. The table was groaning with all kinds of sea creatures including, shrimps, octopus, squid, crab – you name it. Fortunately, there were also a couple of plates containing some rather pleasant cuscus salad together with a bowl of something containing a lot of garlic. There were also olives. I happily ate the salad with garlic sauce and olives whilst the others munched and crunched their way through the various sea creatures. For dessert, there was something called Cold Dog made from Dark chocolate and biscuits. It sounded very vegan until I  discovered it had some butter in it.

The eating took up a lot of the afternoon so soon it was time to take the dogs for the evening walk. I’d been sitting around rather a lot so needed to extend the walk in order to close my Move Ring. When I finally got into the van, it was almost closed.

Having written that the 25kg gas tank seemed to be never-ending, it ran out last night and I changed it today. I reckon that two of those tanks could see me through even the coldest winter. You have to remember that I am cooking a lot more now too. However, the awning tent and the fact that the van is south-facing also makes quite a difference.

It always seems to take me a week to get over the clock change even though I still get up and go to bed at the same times. It just seems to confuse my brain!

I think I’ll go to bed


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