Busy Monday

The sea was still very agitated this morning but, with careful timing, we were able to get over the ’causeway’ without getting our feet wet. The sea has had a very confusing time recently as the wind has blown from east, west and then back again.

I cycled to Paleochora to see Manolis to order another ever-lasting gas cylinder. I was only there last Friday to order gas for the camping. I needed nothing from the supermarket so flew back thanks to the easterly wind. Better to be pushed back than have to punch against the wind.

The day started grey and cloudy but not cold by any means. Sitting outside became more pleasant when the sky cleared a little to let the sun come out.

I had several support tasks starting in Seaford with Inter Sport. They had recently changed Internet suppliers so I had to reprogram the router. It came up astonishingly quickly as I called around 09:30 to say there would be no Internet for a while. But as it was working I felt a little stupid. There were other tasks to perform as some wiseguy had changed some of the software without consulting me. And then suddenly, their Internet stopped working. Businesses nowadays tend to use IP telephones as they offer several advantages, mainly cost and flexibility. They also rely on the Internet so no Internet, no telephones. A slight disadvantage for a business but a quiet day for the employees.

Xanthippos was working in the camping and I heard some drilling and banging in T1 earlier. Some new floor covering and some reinforcing I suspect. The camping is beginning to look nice due to Xanthippos and Mikhalis’ hard work. Xanthippos spends hours raking up stones and leaves making the pitches looking spotless. It seems a pity to walk there to leave footprints and compress the sand.

The evening approached so I went to look on the beach to see if it was clear to take out the dogs. I discovered a small rental car parked by the gate and a couple pitching a tent under the trees near where I stayed for the first six months. They had come from Denmark so I asked why they didn’t have horns in their hats. They replied that the airline didn’t allow them. We got off to a good start so I showed them around the camping, including the dogs. They went off to find food and I went out to walk the dogs as the sun was setting and darkness was on the way.

There was activity at Ammos Beach Bar as businesses gear up for Easter. The dogs were particularly potty this evening however they were quite well-behaved considering the dog at Ammos. Boris lost his ball and Luis and Princess were on the lead again since they can’t be trusted if there’s someone to bark at. They’ve not had a good day as there was a fisherman on the beach this morning.

My spicy Φακέσ are on the stove heating over the rice which is cooking below. Obi has decided to lie on the bed outside under the awning and Πέντε has disappeared up to the front of the van. She was helping to show the visitors around and became quite friendly towards them. Generally, it takes her a while to trust new people due to bad experiences in the past.

I think my food is nearly ready which is good considering it’s 21:44! How I hate the hour change…


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