Out early today

I didn’t change the time on the clock at the end of my bed last weekend so it was still one hour behind. I’m not sure what I was thinking about but was somehow surprised when my alarm didn’t go off as expected. I felt it seemed much darker than usual too.

It was only when I looked at my watch once we were out on the Promontory did I see that instead of getting up at 06:15 I’d got up at 05:15. Last week I was getting up at 05:30 which was when it was light enough to see. Now it’s a lot darker at 05:30 which is why I was getting up at 06:30.

We sat on the high rocks at the end of the Promontory but it was too cloudy to see anything of the approaching sun. It eventually got light enough to run so we were back at the camping good and early.

Today I rode into Paleochora and back non-stop as I didn’t really need any shopping. It was still very cloudy by the time I got back but it was possible to see the sun behind the clouds. It remained cold and cloudy for a while but then the sun finally broke through making it pleasantly warm under the awning.

There was one support call today so I tried to get on with some outstanding jobs. Georgia appeared in the camping with Dimitris and we had a little chat. She says she will be staying in the camping from next week through Easter. First, she is taking her nephew Yannis to a football event at the other end of the island. She seemed quite relaxed and chatty.

Some customers in a motorhome had arrived and set themselves up by the large gate to the beach. I just had to get their ID and register them. A retired British couple with a large, soppy dog. They had already met Christophe, the Swiss guy with Grammeno, his dog. It’s a small island at this time of year which is why it’s important to get things right. News travels very quickly between the visitors. Later, I discovered they had also met up with the young German couple.

Lots of barking during my call to Janne in Stockholm announced the arrival of a young German couple with a small tent. I went to see them next to check them in. We now have three lots of customers along the fence by the beach.

Janne and Erica will arrive on Friday night late so they apologised in advance for the inevitable barking which will herald their arrival. They are staying until Orthodox Easter Monday.

The evening walk came next and, unlike yesterday, there was no one about. All the dogs were free to do their thing. Even Princess, who I certainly didn’t want going back to the camping to cause trouble so early this morning.

They are all now quiet as they’ve had their meat and biscuits so well crashed out.

I forgot to defrost my food during the day so have had to leave it to thaw over a low heat whilst we were out.

I think my rice is now ready so had better eat it.



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