Cool though it was on the morning walk, I discarded most of my garments to complete a 5km run. It seemed a little longer for some reason today. Perhaps I was concentrating too much on the running and not enough on the thinking. I find it quite useful to think about stuff whilst running as it takes one’s mind of the chore of actually putting one foot in front of another.

I picked up some peas in Petrakis so it was a flying visit. I felt that 4.15€ for 1kg  of frozen peas was enough, however, Ursula assures me that Greek peas are not the same as UK peas.

Following an overcast and breezy beginning, the sun eventually showed its face although the wind freshened as the day progressed. It is now almost calm which is probably a relief to the customers camped down by the beach. We now have three tents down there as a German family arrived with two small children. They have been away for a while having spent time in Scotland of all places. They bought their family tent in Manchester. As one does. The parents speak very good English as I discovered when I was telling them all the usual camping stuff. They are staying two nights before going back to the mainland.

The Danish couple leaves tomorrow to return home, having stayed five nights rather than the two they intended. I showed them one of the chalets in case they might like to return during the winter. They say it’s very cold where they live in Denmark.

Xanthippos has been busy at work but having a little moan about being asked to be everywhere at once by Georgia. He has conceded that I might, in fact, be the boss due mostly to the fact I speak English. Rather an indispensable attribute, especially at this time of year. In August the camping is heaving with Greeks but they mostly speak English too.

The English couple in the motorhome with the large dog look as though they are staying longer. I went to see them earlier and to pet their dog. She humoured me by allowing me to pet her.

Talking to Steffie earlier, we had both laughed about the way things are done and the priority of works. Lau has been out of the camping for a couple of days with his van and the area where he parks his van is in need of cutting with the strimmer.

He returned today so they have now decided it would be a good time to cut the grass and rake over the site so Lau has had to move down to the front of the camping. At present, this is not too much of a problem but it might get busier over the weekend. Why not take the opportunity when he was away?

Mikhalis was asking when the English couple with the van and dog are leaving. I said I didn’t know. He was moaning that he wanted to do the area where their van is parked. I cannot understand the logic and I’m certainly not going to move them! As if there are no other jobs that require attention. Cleaning up the workshop for example. I have a feeling Mikhalis has no intention of ever doing this. I suspect ‘tidy’ is not in his vocabulary.

I’ve been messing around with my weather websites again although I’ve been interrupted a few times due to customers. One is working ok but needs further refining, the other requires lots of work.

The evening meal contains the recently purchased peas and is festering on the hob. It seems to have grown in size so will probably do tomorrow too. If it’s edible that is.

I had my shower this evening as I missed the Golden Slot before the Albanians returned. I turned on the electric heater before taking the dogs out so the water was lovely and warm when I went for my shower. I was pleased that Πέντε followed me back as she’d been lurking in the shadows to leap out and waylay unsuspecting visitors to the central bathroom. She is now quietly snoozing at the front having munched her little bowl of biscuits and had a drink.

A text from Janne and Erica arrived earlier to say that their flight has been delayed so they will arrive 09:00 Saturday and not just before midnight tonight as expected. They are less than impressed as you can imagine.

Time for food!


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