Erica and Janne finally arrive

They should have arrived around midnight Friday, however, their plane from Stockholm was cancelled. They were offered an alternative at an extra cost however this was delayed so they missed their connections. Their journey took them to Belgrade, Rome and then Athens where they spent an uncomfortable night in the airport lounge. The Crete flight arrived at 09:00 and they were finally at the camping around 11:30. Not an auspicious beginning to their holiday. They leave again on [Orthodox] Easter Monday, just over a week away.

I set off quite early on the morning walk as I wanted to be sure of getting back before Janne and Erica arrived. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. It was fairly dark outside despite the full moon coasting slowly towards the western skyline. We went over the rocks and I ran around my circuits as usual. Back at the camping, I fed them all then went to Paleochora where I bought some fruit. I was back in the camping before nine.

Xanthippos was helping Manolis with his truck and approached me carrying a plastic supermarket bag containing ripe small tomatoes on the vine. He gave them to me and mentioned I could have fresh eggs too if I wished. I politely declined the eggs to his amazement. It is beyond his comprehension that anyone could possibly survive without eating animal products. He thinks nothing of slitting the throat of a lamb for his evening meal. The tomatoes were a nice gesture and taste so good as they are from his greenhouse where they are grown as biologically as possible.

I knew the German couple were leaving so wanted to get their money before my weekly telephone call which was to be 75 minutes later than usual. Just as I was about to finish my breakfast, Frank, the English guy with his wife, dog and motorhome wished also to pay. Steffie needed the washing machine too. I took Frank’s money and dealt with Steffie before resuming my breakfast.

Relaxing in my chair to be called by Xanthippos to talk to a couple wandering aimlessly in the camping. They were a Dutch couple who had walked from Paleochora but were awaiting the arrival of a taxi to take them back. They’d visited the camping several years before and remembered the Crazy English Guy with all the dogs.

I showed them around by which time my weekly call was overdue.

Little happened in what remained of the afternoon except for a chat with Erika whilst Janne slept. Erica said she was past wanting to sleep preferring to wait until tonight.

The evening walk was a little earlier due to the dull weather and no one being on the beach except for some bloke messing about at the water’s edge. The walk was uneventful although both Princess and Obi were detained for absconding the previous morning and evening.

This evening’s repast is an action-replay of yesterday quietly reheating on the hob.


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